New Door Helps Prevent Injury During Quakes

October 7, 2010


Earthquakes: they're scary. Almost as scary as tornadoes. Did you know in the event of an earthquake you're supposed to stand in a doorway? I didn't. I thought you were supposed to stop drop and roll. OMG --I think my teacher was trying to kill me. Eff you Miss Gardner! Hag-bag!

In anticipation of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake possibly hitting the city of Istanbul by 2030, an MA design student named Younghwa Lee from Kingston's University has designed a special kind of door that protects residents from falling quake debris. Designed to ensure safety and reduce injury or death, the door folds horizontally in the middle, while the bottom part remains braced against the floor for support.

The door frame has a built-in cabinet that contains a wind-up flashlight, containers of drinking water and medical supplies to ensure immediate medical aid before medics arrive in case of injury.

Smart thinking, Younghwa. Granted nobody is gonna be thinking clear enough to actually use one in the event of an earthquake ("EARTHQUAKE -- Fold the doors, fold the doors!") but smart thinking nonetheless. Also smart thinking: hang-gliding out the nearest window. "But my office is underground." Ouch.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
An earthquake.
An earthqua-- GAAAAHH!

Specially designed door shelters people against falling earthquake debris [thedesignblog]

Thanks to Matt, who just cries in the bathtub like a normal person. With or without bubbles?

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