Oct 5 2010Milling Machine Playing The MacGyver Theme


Now I know what you're thinking, "GW, that has got to be the most boring-ass picture I have ever seen". And you know what? I couldn't agree more I've got some pictures of the carpet under my sofa you might be interested in. Still -- a milling machine playing the MacGyver theme. MacGyver was pretty cool, right? Granted I never saw that hacky MacGruber movie because my paper-clip bomb scare at the movie theater backfired (read: arrests were made, mine), but I used to watch the show a bunch growing up. Also, the neighborhood kids play outside from my bedroom window. "Holy shit GW -- you were a bubble boy?!" Ha, even worse. I was a bubble girl.

Hit the jump for the song and dance in action.


Early Bird Special of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Jukka and Patricia, who agree theme songs today just ain't what they used to be. Uh, WTF did they used to be?

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I know last time I failed, but this time IM REALLY FIRST! WOOOOOOOOOO

you bunghole

I never watched MacGyver, the show seemed stupid beyond belief. In the real world, a secret agent who refused to use guns would have been dead 10 minutes into the pilot episode, then the series would have been titled "Guy With Guns".

also, it had nothing to do with Star Wars, and therefore beneath notice.

Is this the new branch of Chip tunes? Getting motors and drill presses and lathes and tesla coils to act as your musical instruments?

i am surprisingly okay with that.

Now do the theme from Airwolf! DO IT NOW!!!

Is that the theme to MacGuyver, or to "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" on the NES?

@7 +1!

Mike Oldfield's

this is how it starts.

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

So I mean was that a Korg, Moog, or guitar with pedals? Talk amongst yourselves...

@3 fail x2 [email protected] fail x3 +2

@13 you do realize your name stays with you right?
This ain't 4chan..

derp a derp

O_O what do i do? do i trust it or burn it with fire?


I just like the cool use of UHMW. Plastic is a pretty awesome thing but people are so prejudiced against it that they never realize its potential.

am i the only one noticing the shadows here?

I love it!!!

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