Oct 26 2010Joking Through The Years (An Animated Gif)


This is an animated gif of several incarnations of the Joker over the years. Can you name them all? Oh snap -- no need! Here's a guide:

1. Conrad Veidt (The Man Who Laughs, film, 1928 - inspiration for The Joker)
2. Cesar Romero (Batman, TV series, 1966-1968)
3. Jack Nicholson (Batman, film, 1989)
4. Mark Hamill (Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker, Birds Of Prey, Batman: Arkham Asylum/Arkham City 1992-2010)
5. Curtis Armstong (Batman OnStar Commercial, 2000)
6. Roger Stoneburner (Birds Of Prey, TV series, 2002 - voice dubbed by Mark Hamill)
7. Andrew Koenig (Batman: Dead End, short film, 2003)
8. Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman, cartoon, 2004-2008)
9. Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight, film, 2008)

Who's your favorite? Jack Nicholson? Heath Ledger? Because mine's the one from the OnStar commercial. I swear, those commercials, so f***ing good. You seen the one where the woman drives straight into a tree? Women actually do that!

Animated GIF of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Jody, who was offered the Joker role in the next movie but turned it down because he's tired of playing the violin. Villain, I meant villain.

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Reader Comments

creepy >_>

The one from the new batman cartoon is ghey

LOVE it. Mark Hamill will always be my favorite.

Jack Nicholson IS and forever shall be THE BEST JOKER EVER.


inb4 ledger fanboys

Also Hush should be in the new movie. Character needs developed, yo.

Oh, and Mark Hamill was the best, don't lie to yourself.

@6 cabbo - Hush is lame. yo.

Heath nailed the unbirdled joy that the joker exudes in mayhem and murder. Jack was ok, but Heath rules.

So many people have played the Joker well in the past, but *no one* will ever play the clown prince of crime better than Heath.

Isn't #7 Boner from Growing Pains? The guy who committed suicide in Canada last winter..... or something

@cabbo: Mark Hamill was the best voice of the Joker, i.e. for an animated series. That being said, taking into account all aspects of the character, Ledger's performance was the greatest encapsulation of the Joker. He was truly insane and frightening in his depiction to the point where he was the first comic book villain to win an academy award. I doubt he will ever be bested.

Oi! Geekologie Writer! Block the Scientology adverts!!

I agree with @11 Mark Hamill did have a great voice for the joker, but overall, Heath Ledger is the best. Jack Nicholson wasn't bad, but it wasn't serious enough, I don't think.

Heath was good but we will never know if the award was truly earned.

That said Mark Hamil IS the Jokers voice. Cesar Romero is who I think of when I think classic Joker visually. Jack Nicholson gave it a sociopath edge but not really insane enough.

Didn't #5 play booger in revenge of the nerds....Just sayin...Or the wannabee drug addict in better off dead? Also don't sit around shitting on Nicholson's work. Yes Heath was great, but in the end actors are payed to play roles which they read from a script. Sure they have to get into character but that certain character is put together by the director and his crew. Nicholson played the joker that was given to him which at that time was suppose to be a cool street walking crime lord/purple suited pimp. If you question his mania, can we take a moment to remember the plastic surgery/ recovery scene...That laugh he gave was epic.

First one looks like marilyn manson.

Totally forgetting John DiMaggio from "under the red hood," but Mark Hamill still reigns supreme

@17 damn yooooou, beat me to it. mark hamill owns it, but bender was pretty darn good too. as was heath.


best gif ever. middle left = worst pic ever.

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

My favorite joker has to be Mark Hamill. That voice is just perfect; it's so deranged yet jovial, and yet he's good at expressing both anger and mischief. Like he's crazy and loving it.

never even heard of the #1 guy, but visually he's the most disturbing

My personal best is The Voice of Mark Hamill doing The Joker. Cuz even in the Batman Beyond Shows. He was way epic! and really sinister. i really enjoyed his roles. along with his assistance, Harley Quinn. totally the best.

I have met this Joker fellow you all speak of. He was rather calm and subdued in my presence. I told him that he should lighten up and have some fun. The rest is history.

At least 4 of them are dead.

Conrad Veidt was amazing in The Man Who Laughs. One of the best silent films ever, if not THE best.

@Closet Nerd--Yes, Andrew Koenig was Boner on "Growing Pains" and he did commit suicide. I found out that he was born on the same day in the same year as me. It makes me sad that he and Heath Ledger are both gone.

hamill is best voice. ledger (RIP) is most convincing look.

@16 is that good or bad?

Is that Luke skywalker!?
The joker and a starwars character?

Anyone notice that nearly half (4 out of 9) are dead guys? Could there be a Joker curse?

The Man Who Laughs was godfather to future jokers, so I have to give him mounds of credit for starting the lineage of future sociopathic clowns

They forgot the newest Joker - Joe DiMaggio (hope I spelled that right) who played the voice of the Joker in the Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Mark Hammil will always be my Joker.

Yes, #5 was in revenge of the nerds and better off dead. He's actually a close family friend of mine. He prefers to be remembered for his role in risky business. You know, "sometimes you just gotta say, what the fuck."

2 others who have voiced the Joker:

Jeff Bennett; Batman: The Brave and The Bold
John DiMaggio; Batman, Under the Red Hood

the 4 corner jokers are the best looking creepies ones out there. joker ftw :D

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