I'm Not Surprised (But Still Deeply Disturbed): A "Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite" Fetish

October 8, 2010


This is a picture of someone who's been vacuum-packed. Sounds freaky deaky, I know. And that's because it is freaky deaky. Apparently people like the way it feels. See? Those frozen chicken cutlets don't have it so bad after all! There's a video of a human vacuum-packing in action after the jump, and I've got to admit: I wouldn't mind trying it. On you. Tell me, how do you feel about getting dumped in a river afterward?

Hit the jump for one more shot, a video of the WTF'ery, as well as a NSFW link (some see-through) to Kink Engineering with even more ZOMGOODNESS.


Kink Engineering (NSFW)

Thanks to kingkong and LoRd EPoX, who agree the thought alone sends shivers down Han's spine.

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