Oct 1 2010Got A Ditty Stuck In Your Head? Unhear It!


Unhear It is a website that plays random-ass remixes to help get the song that's stuck in your head unstuck. Granted it's just replacing it with another, but still. Maybe it'll be better than ♫ the song that never ends -- yes it goes on and on my friend, some people staaaarted singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just BECAUSE I AM A JERK ♫ Have fun with that one, suckers!

We created this site for those of you that have a song stuck in your head and you can't get it out no matter what you do. Using the latest in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology, we've been able to allow our users to "unhear" songs by hearing equally catchy songs. So really all we're doing is making you forget your old song by replacing it with another one... sorry.

Pretty cool, but I just invented Unsee It. Basically it replaces the mental image of whatever scarring thing I just showed you with another, much more traumatizing image. Check it: close your eyes and pretend you just saw a robot wielding a knife. Scary right? BOOM -- two old geezers having intercourse! Haha, no need to thank me.

Unhear It

Thanks to SharaSue, who probably wishes she could unread that last paragraph. Two words: shots, lots

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Long last the robots!

that's awesome GW. Everytime someone says they have a song stuck in their head I start singing the song that never ends, which ends up getting stuck in their head instead. Luckly I am immune to that song.

But.....I'm deaf! :(

Nice, now I got Crazy looping in my head...

Old site is old.

Doesn't effing work!
It just puts another effing song in your head!


...second verse... same as the first!


GW YOU MUTHERFOCKER!!!! I can access your page at work (and get lambchop stuck in my head) and I CAN'T go to the UNHEARIT site!!!! YOU DICK!

when I get a song stuck in my head I just blow it out with a bullet.

Too bad most of the songs are just the original versions posted by 13 yr olds.

Thats nothing, I got one word for you and everyone will hate me for it, Chumbawamba

unsayit would be more useful. so would unscrewit, since it's sometimes so hard ... to unscrew the lid on a jar ... in the back of your car ... riding back from the bar ...

I'm a teacher, and I blast MMMBop whenever a kid puts his head down, and we wait for the whole song to finish before we continue the class. The problem just solves itself. It's fucking awesome.

I got Mario song! Maybe every one got it too...

I got Mario song! Maybe every one got it too...

meow mix anyone??/

"meow meow meow meow.
meow meow meow meow
meow meow
meow meow
meow meow meow meow"....

(your welcome)

You've gotten so fucking slow GW.

I got Mario song! Maybe every one got it too...


can't spell today

Un-waste-countless-hours-of-my-life-playing-minecraft would also be very helpful

hrm...I wonder if this will rid of that "lovely bunch o' coconuts" song that's been pillaging my soft pink spongy thing in my head. ;w;

omfg lmao Achy Breaky Heart

Lol as soon as i went to the link it got a song stuck in my head

tubthumping came on, as did sanford and son/in da club mix, it's old but i love it

oh man why couldnt you have posted this yesterday when that "backin up" mix song was stuck in my head

HAHAHAHA First song was PORTAL's Still Alive <3

omfgwtfbbq Keyboard Cat Song


It started off with "Still Alive" which is always stuck in my head... (as it should be) so I picked a new song and it went to Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" (which they just call "Sexy Satisfaction") and everytime after that it was stuck on "Satisfaction"... so I guess it had a song stuck in its 'head', too.

I'm on this. so bad.

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

I had "Like a G6" stuck in my head, and the site put the #1 song that is ALWAYS stuck in my head, in my head! D:<<<<<<<<< TUBTHUMPING by CHUBAWUMBA. D:< THAT SONG HAS BEEN CONSTANTLY LOOPING IN AND OUT OF MY HEAD SINCE I WAS 6!!!

I had the same problem...it keeps playing supermario or who let the dogs out and doesnt go to the other songs till I press Ctrl+F5 but even then it makes the next 10 "Random" songs supermario..and have to Ctrl F5 every time some times twice

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