Oct 18 2010GAH, BURN IT!: Japanese Singing/Dancing Robot (Now With More Back-Up Dancers!)


Note: Video of the chart-bottoming performance after the jump.

Can you tell which one is the robot? SPOILER: back left. Just kidding, it's the one with the silver legs, moron. Or is it? I thought they all were to be honest. If you're just joining us, you may not have heard of Yamaha's HRP-4C (older posts HERE, HERE and HERE). Well here she is again, this time working it on stage Britney Spears style provided Britney is a no-talent hack who can't do anything but waddle around on stage waving her arms, which is by far the most accurate comparison I've ever made. Now, does anybody else think there might actually be a person in that robot costume? Let's set it on fire and find out.

Hit the jump for the Japanese Pussycat Dolls.


Thanks to Global, Kristoffer, Billy, phil, Kevin and SkwiZ, who I just bought front-row tickets to her next concert as part of a robotic reconnaissance mission. AND NO BUYING SOUVENIRS.

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Domo origato Mr. Roboto

HAHAHHA! go go gadget creepy girl

They need matching pants, and lazah eyes.

I have a semi

Sure it can dance, but the obvious question is "can you fuck it".

They're japanese after all...

Long last the robots!

The only cute one in the video is the one with silver legs. Beep Boop Bop

WTF. I guarantee this is what the GW has nightmares about.

it's got giant gorilla hands

I feel so sorry for those backup dancers. That shit was creepy.

@6 - Yes. Yes I can.

Holly fashion sense, that's a cute dress. At least it was in 1967.

I hope the robot girl isn't reading this, don't want to offend 'cause YOU NEVER KNOW what the future holds. (You can only hope. Even robot-girls roll their eyes when I say "Hi".)

And speaking of the rolling of eyes and the lolling of the tongues, that dance routine would be much more fun if, at the end, she spun her head around a few times, with lasers flashing from her eyes. And a 2 foot tentacle tongue. So sessy you'd need to call an exorcist.

For debugging.

Yep the hands are way too freaking big, and is it really that hard to make at least somewhat functional fingers?

I love at 1:15 the robot does the robot, i laughed so hard at that one.

The robots dancers in the background are better than the one in the front.

Biggest problem is I think the movements were coded by hand, they should have used motion capture, would have added all those extra "accidental" movements that make stuff seem natural.

FAKE HAIR! everything else looks real.

Justin Bieber?

this was on extreme rollercoasters on the travel channel last week

That's it! I'm building that rocket propelled EMP!

She was totally lip sinking that song. That fake bitch!

Who wants to go backstage with the dancers? The robot can watch.
Nevermind, that's creepy.

that is one stiff robot

Those big rubber hands, the long silver legs, the cold dead eyes.........


tengo un pantalon llena de madera

it kinda creeps me out how she doesnt move her fingers and only moves her hands by swiveling on her wrists....

Objectify much? In 1996 it was "virtual idol" Kyoko Date.

Those backup dancers have some smokin' legs on them.

Fembot? That's one sexy bitch! ...Yeah Baby!!!

I would totally FUCK the backup dancers! You gives a FuCk about the Robot ! Burn it !

Hey this is a cover of "Graceful World" by ELT! I like that band. I'm not impressed with this robot though. What's the point? I don't get why Japanese people are so interested in humanoid robots. Pointless.

whow im accually impressed by thigs o.O

I would have sex with all 5, at the same time

for being such kick-ass scientists they should have put some thought on the hands. man, THOSE things are creepy!

What's the big deal? Chuck E. Cheese has been doing that forever, and he's a damned mouse.

That thing freaks me out.

Okay... 2 thoughts...

First: I think we've found at least one replacement member for the cast of 'Glee'... since they already auto-tune the life out of the vocal performances on the show, they might as well have a robot dance on the show... and, presumably, on top of their corpses...

Secondly: I guess we might have Replicants by 2019 after all... that's an extra creepy thought.

"hey dont look at our shit robot that doesn't look the least bit fluid when it dances, instead look at these 4 hot dancers!"

I'm somewhat ashamed to say I've heard the song before... and I live in Ireland.

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