Oct 27 2010Death Star Destroying Alderaan Pumpkins


There are Death Star pumpkins, and then there are "Death Star destroying Alderaan with a giant superlaser" pumpkins. This, clearly, is one of the latter. Look -- I think I can see Superman's parents exploding! Huh? That wasn't Alderaan? Oh.
You sure?

Halloween Death Star [buzzfeed]

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Next Is Dantooine.

thats frikkin awesome

Long last the robots!

I like this one better


That's no moon?



In the immortal words of Rhino: Be-Awesome!!

You may fire when ready.

See, this is why I hate buzzfeed and tumblr and posterous. It makes it hard to track down the original source for these items.

http://www.geekstir.com/death-star-pumpkin is where they got it from.

They attempted to model the character of Lando around me, but failed to find someone as smooth and handsome so settled for Billy Dee Williams. They also had to keep the story centered around the characters and plot they had already established...else there would have been no need for a part III.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

this is so cool. Forwarded to my Pumpkin maker.

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

Next year do the scene where the Enterprise blows up the second Deathstar!

Is someone roasting marshmallows over Alderan? They should be!

Not alderaan, they're so peaceful, they don't even have weapons

I felt a sudden disturbance in the squash as if millions of seeds cried out in terror...


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