Oct 11 2010Darth Fairy Princess: Luke, I Know This Is Gonna Sound Wierd, But I'm Your Daughter


Some loving mother made her daughter a pink "fairy princess" Darth Vader costume to wear in this year's Dragon*Con parade. Good looking, mom. It's nice to know not every mother these days is cool sending their young daughter out the door in a golden bikini. Just sayin', not only are my daughters not allowed to leave the house until they're 30 (and then only with chain-mail and parkas on), I've been frying my balls with a hot laptop for three years straight now so I don't have any in the first place. Only boys are escaping these nuts!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the costume.






Making Darth Fairy [booturtle]
All Kneel Before the Awesome Cuteness of Darth Fairy! [youbentmywookie]

Thanks to Eric, who once went to a Halloween party dressed as Darth Vlader the Impaler and not only won the costume contest, but managed to bring home some pirate's girlfriend. YAAAR!!

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tits or gtfo

O god the Nightmares. i can already see it, she opens her mouth and another pink vader mask with a tiara comes out all covered in slime, and then it spits lasers too. thats the stuff horrors are made out of, well that and B Rated movies.

Haha, that's hilarious.

And another fetish has born!

awwwwwww! cute!

Reminds me that I always wanted to see someone make Star Wars Babies as a cross between star wars and Muppet Babies.

Good job mom, that's ingenuity at it's finest... or you know just being a good parent, whatever

That little death star wand ball is bitchin'! Good thing for the close up or I never even would have noticed. SPREAD THE GEEKERY PARENTS! It's the right thing to do!

hahahaha best title ever

Sweet. The Death Star wand is a really nice touch. BTW, GW, you know sperm carrying a Y chromosome are actually more fragile, right? Sorry, that's my bio lesson for the day.

Another day you think you can't see any more weird Darth Weider costume.. Thanks, GW!

Awesome compromise. I wonder what's next? Boba Fett or Chewy in a ballerina tutu?

Someone needs to photoshop pedobear into the corner of the images.

Soooo cute!
I wish my mum had made me one of these when I was little.


Too bad her adorable helmet filled with vomit after she heard about 3D STAR WARS!


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