Oct 7 2010100 VG Characters In The Style Of Mega Man


Note: This isn't all of them, click HERE to see the whole thing in higher-res, and then check out captainslam's DeviantART page to download the thing in stunning 5322 px resolution (makes a great wallpaper! Terrible TP)

DeviantARTist captainslam went and Mega Manned 100 different video game characters. Me? I once Mega Manned a concession stand selling sno-cones and made over $18 in an hour!

It started as a cure for boredom at work, and then I just got obsessed. If you include the turret and companion cube from Portal, there are 100 classic, famous, or otherwise significant video game characters depicted in the original 8-bit Mega Man format that we all know and love so much. I'll take requests for future updates if anyone thinks of somebody cool I left off!

Good lookin' captainslam, but are there really 100? I'd take the time to count them all but 1) I'm lazy and 2) I can't count past my fingers and toes. Which, funny story, was 20, but now's only 16 (I used to mow the lawn wearing flip flops).

captainslam's DeviantART Page

Thanks to Matthew, who once emailed Dr. Light about a price quote for an arm cannon never heard back. What a jerk.

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Reader Comments

yay Metroid's the first one! others are cool. left4dead :D


@ugh go fall through an elevator door

Excellent work, some of these should be turned into whole game in that style!

Needs more Mario though - Bowser, Peach, Koopas etc.

Managed to get a PUN in there with dead space... get it? theres dead space! Instead of the characters from the game dead space... which is what everyone expected...

please kill yourself.

mega man is so now

The legend of Zelda was the best game on the N64 (still is)


I am just going to come out and say it....

Mega Man SUCKS!

that game is too freakin hard!

i will come out and say it though...this pic is pretty badass!

and i would buy each one of those games if they existed and play them until i smashed my controller into the TV.

stop BORING me!

OMG Super Mario RPG! Jeno was always my favorite :x

gw, you gotta stop scaling these down so they're blurry. at least link to a full-res version instead of the crappy scaled down one hosted on your site. obviously we visit the site already.

Watch it.

boo no dead rising

@llama Well, the description does say to make suggestions if you think something is missing. Do you want a Frank West sprite then?

Where's Zelda?
This sucks :(

This is SO AWESOME!!! Captainslam, I would love to see some more MGS characters like Revolver Ocelot, Meryl, Liquid, etc.... But great job on these, amazing.

There is a Zelda if you were to look closely Bob.

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