Sep 10 2010I See Hobbits!: Interactive Middle Earth Map


Geekologie Reader Kris went and created an interactive map of Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings universe (with labels available in English AND Elvish). Good lookin', Kris. You know, for some reason I always thought Mordor was north and not south. Color me embarrassed! Oh well, you learn something new everyday. Sometimes several things. Cat food makes me ooky!

Interactive Middle Earth Map

Thanks Kris, now make me an interactive treasure map and let's scavenger hunt!

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^DIE.... just sayin

Saying "first" is gayer than blowin two guys in an alley
...... or somethin

Kewl. Needs a sound track.

i'm blowing two guys in an alley right now!


..everyday too you fuckassess, even when I don't comment - SUCKERS!!!!

I'm just kidding folks, it's friday & I'm drunk already. You know Im just fuckin around & deep down I really love you (even you McFeely & McBeef!)

Except you firstards - - god doesn't even give a shit about you & terrorism won't bother wasting any time on you

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@8 and that's what makes you gayer than the drop of 'cummy yummy' falling from a sailors mustache on folsom st during leatherfest

If you zoom in enough towards the shire you can actually see a hobbit orgy, granted I might just be remembering that cosplay documentary i watched last night...........stupid all male cast......*shudders*........ who's this naas=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿̿ ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶ oh noez!!! guy?


Some idiot on the internet.

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@3 Not if it's your Mom doin the blowin. just sayin

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@naas. Kill yourself.

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'Tis extremely awesome, are you planning on doing a first age map as well?

Wow. Awesome.

@JA - I haven't made plans for other maps, just adding details, features, and translations to the third age map.

Not bad. Kinda hard to follow though.

Uh GW, your linky is broken. Must have started the New Year's festivities (I mean drinking beer out of a large fishbowl) early. Happy New Year!

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