Sep 14 2010Clever, Veeeery Clever: Spock Hand Hoodie


See? When it's zipped up it looks like a regular hand wave, but, after a partial zip-down, it becomes the traditional Vulcan salute. Plus -- BAM! -- sex-change, bow tie and glasses! And all for $40. Not even a back-alley surgeon will sew a wiener on for that cheap! And that's not taking the glasses or bow tie into consideration. Even clip-ons are expensive these days. Plus, and I'm just throwing this out there -- with a little alteration you could turn this Spocker into a shocker. You'll be the envy of your whole fraternity!

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Thanks to Ace, who doesn't wear hoodies because they always f*** up his do'.

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Reader Comments

Very nice.... just sayin


eat it firstards



looks like i need to come up with a new handle.....
done, and done....

@1 AND @3 Wow, a POS Firstard whining about other Firstards?! What a double-failing dumbass!! LAWLZZ!!


#7 ultra fail, no one is gona suck ur little penis

Long last the robots!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Old Spock intentionally bumps into Young Spock and they compare wieners to see who's is larger.

Magic!!!...burn him! burn him!

Naas is gay.

wow..they couldn't have picked nerdier models

The chick should really around and flash the 'STOP' sign on the hoodie to that truck!

@14 What truck, I see a trailer (the front of a trailer) but no truck FAILED COMMENT

@15 You really know your trailer trucks. How impressed we all are. x-D

i dunno, i think this is the greatest sweater ever...

but i'm high, so i digress

Wtf bowtie

So much cuter pre-op. What a waste...

The Babe is sporting quite *The Shocker*.

Turn Asian Boy sideways and it looks like a Shadow Dog about to scarf down Chinese food.

They couldn't find a model who could do the thumbs, properly?

@20 there you are me... haven't seen you in a while, or at least as 'me'. What's up me??

damn @21 not @20

so the chick turns into the nerd guy when the hoodie is zipped down? do not want

nice, that's quite a handy hoodie.

Peace and Prosperity to all of you

Dedicasse a Dj Azer / Nikokuto / Jozelf and every french geeks!

I like the idea, but... the thought that someone would actually pay $40 for a hoodie with a HAND printed on it really depresses me, for some reason.

I think you may have to wear the bow tie with this hoodie for people to get it... lol

Nanoo nannoo...I guess the Vulcans stole it from Mork!

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