Aug 5 2010Vulcan Neck Pain: Today's Work Safety PSA Brought To You By Spock And Uhura


I lay in bed all day with a laptop burning my genitals so I don't have a neck-craning problem when it comes to viewing my monitor. No, what I have is a giant gut in the way which is why I've learned to read the screen upside-down and backwards using the sex-mirror I double-sided taped to the ceiling. Constant headaches aside, maybe you sit on a throne with your monitor perched atop a TV-dinner stand. That's not good for your posture. You should learn a thing or two from Uvula here and adjust your seat for maximum bodily comfort. That way you don't turn into Quasimodo later in life. I don't care what Disney says, nobody loves a hunchback.

Don't be a Spock - Adjust your monitor height [xadamdx]
Don't Be a Spock, Follow Uhura's Monitor Example [gizmodo]

Thanks to Joseph and picador, who don't ever experience neck strain because they have computer monitors in their sunglasses. What they do experience is accidentally masturbating in public.

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sigh daily had this like a million days ago


@ 5.... you lick donkey balls. And I have the video to prove it.

do 3d glasses help? I'm wearing mine

@ 5

What? No response to @ 4 accusation? You're as good as guilty.....

Anyone notice the email at the bottom of the page says "LSD"? Unless that's an "i".

Gw's drunk.... Again.

I'm gonna cover my back with Uvula tattoos.

Commander Spock regularly dashes between a Sciences console, a Ship's Library console (incomplete linkage of data-modes) and a command console. He often does not have time to sit down with his Vulcan level of activity. It is common for him to be monitoring dozens of data-streams at one time, so sitting is a rarity unless there is a narrow and specified activity he is involved with, like mapping a hyper-ionic matter accumulation with sub-neural inter-relational signaling effects. For something like this, he would be at the Sciences console, with the narrow-band viewer, four or more monitors, and a possible link to the xenobiology data-exchange. He might even be transferring data to Lt. Cmdr Uhura for communication decryption and possible communications interface with the Interlingua translator.
Lt. Commander Uhura handles communication, ship-status, and operational integration from a single console, and can afford the luxury of ergonomic design. It is unusual to find her anyplace but at her command seat, unless she is off-duty.

@10 I know we're on a site called 'Geekologie' but damn, that's the nerdiest thing I've ever heard outside shows/videos making fun of how nerds do that. I've seriously never heard someone actually do that before! XD

You win 5 free internets for that.

for anyone who wants this as a pdf, I made one this morning. be a spock.pdf

" Live long with good posture "


@10 You have just proved that Star Wars > Star Trek. In Star Wars people can do all that stuff spock has to do sitting down and using only one console. Just sayin...why run around to different parts of a ship to do other stuff. Or why not just make all the stuff he has to do be located in one spot easily reachable from a comfortable sitting position. Terrible ship designing, now the Sullustians, great shipbuilders.

Dnm spock, youre about the most logical person....but he got you on this one hahaha owned spock owneddddd.

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