Aug 25 2010Toto, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore I'm Pretty Sure We're In Hell: Fire Tornadoes


Earth, wind and fire tornadoes. This is what the apocalypse looks like. "Oh really? Then where are all the make-believe killer robots you're always crying about, GW?" Above, you dumbass!

A 'fire tornado' has been caught on camera in the Brazilian municipality of Aracatuba, caused by strong, dry winds that fanned wildfires.

A whirlwind of flames spiralling several metres high danced across fields, bringing traffic to a halt on a nearby road, before it disappeared.

The phenomenon followed weeks of drought which have sparked brush fires across the country.

I mean fire tornadoes seem pretty cool and all, but you know what would be even cooler? Fire taquitos. BOOM -- an hour later I'm making my own fire tornadoes to battle Poseidon's toilet-bowl whirlpools. Who will win? Not whoever has to use the bathroom next, that's for sure! Because they're definitely losing. Brain cells, motor skills, you name it.

Hit the jump for a short video of the apocalypse in action.

Rare 'fire tornado' filmed in Brazil [bbcnews]

Thanks to Sean, Bulldog Balls, shree, Erika and jop, who heard this thing tore through Munchkin land and didn't leave a single survivor. Oh God no -- not the Lollypop Guild!

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This is the first of many more firsts to come, bitches. Watch yo backs.


YOU SUCK GW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

oh wow 2012 here we come

Fire taquitos sounds like a new food from Taco Bell. Just use that Volcano sauce. Love that stuff.

Dudes, you think this is hot... FAMBAA!

i hope it crosses paths with my bbq grills

I had a dream about fire tornadoes. Mine were better.

NINTH! ahaha...That is actually pretty sick looking, but it does make me feel like i am in hell... :S

I bet it was a fucking Charmander...

Here is very hot this days.
Something about 40 Celsius

I visited aracatuba when i spent my year in brazil..

that place SUCKS.

It's not rare. Happens during bush fires all the time.

Loks like a fire anomalie from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Doesn't make it less awesome though.

I'm from Sao Paulo and I really don't know if that tornado is real, at least not here.
But, yep, air humidity is very low, it is increasingly difficult to breathe and we hope rainning in the coming days.


"Moltres use Fire Spin!"
Moltres used fire Spin
Fire Spin is super effective!

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OMG that's awesome. I didn't think those would be possible, but evidently I'm retarded lol

@18 A firespin attack from one of the legendary birds would be much larger and more intense than that, not only becuase Moltres is a legendary class pokemon but you get it at level 50 which would be high enough level to produce a much stronger firespin than that. @10 was probably right about it being a charmander

I want to toss stuff into it, mainly firecrackers. :D

My presence in this world seems to have awakened a fire tornado. Great.

I live in Brazil and can't see the video of a fire tornado that happened here ¬¬

Apparently Russia Today blocked the video

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