Aug 26 2010The Story Of My Life In Zelda T-Shirt Form


This is a t-shirt designed by BattleTankBob that's up for voting with the hope that Threadless will actually print them. Which, if they did, I'd probably buy. And not just because I really hope it comes with that fake mustache, but I am considering moonlighting as a private eye. And by private eye I obviously mean peeping tom. I see you!

No-Life Meter [threadless]

Thanks to Bob, who -- oh shit, the BattleTank himself?! I want a ride!

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People actually live like this?


Your princess is in another castle? o_O

Artsy, though...

I guess.


Drink, watch TV, and have little to no disposable income?

...Nah, no one like that exists. Of course people live like this, probably well over half the nation's population.

Awesome, I hope it get's manufactured because I'll be buying one...just ask Tom Hanks

#8 is full of shit. he is too cheap to buy clothes and just steals his from the laundromat.

@3.... you deserve a facepalm

I've been trying to get my NES shirts & hats featured on Geekologie FOREVER. It's always a bummer when I see all the crappy retro gaming merch on here. =(

My stuff rules:

Come on Gee Double-Ya! I've got several Zelda themed items! =)


dude your stuffs awesome! if your not making enough money as you would like to be you should try and submit them to threadless?

ive subbed some stuff myself

By several, he means 2 and they suck...

Check out a friends submission....he's actually a good artist...

@12 thanks man. My brand is doing pretty well, and is growing quickly. I have all of the artwork created specifically for 8BZ so I wouldn't want to sub it anywhere else. You design looks cool though man. =)

@13 Thanks for that comment chief. That design is really terrible in both concept and execution. =/ Who would want to wear that?

@ 8-bit Zombie: No prob PAL! I wonder why GW never features your site on Geekologie...Maybe it's cause a broken sword UNDER the brim of a hat doesn't exactly scream Zelda....VERY POOR execution and design. You can't even see the design. I can imagine how quickly the brand is growing...I don't blame you for not wanting to let any of your genius out!

@15 Haha. I love that hat. Not sure if you saw the front of it or not, but I fee like it's a great little nod to the Legend of Zelda & Zelda II. (The sword on the brim is the sword from the Zelda II box) But I wasn't trying to "scream Zelda" with that one. The new Zelda shirt I have turned out rad too. (I also have another Zelda hat, although it's currently sold out)

I'm not going to argue with you about this though. I love my brand and I'm very passionate about the themes of 8BZ. If you don't like it, that's fine.

@16: I admire the loyalty, good luck with your win this round...until next time.....

@17 Aww, thanks man. I appreciate it. I apologize for being a defensive jerk earlier, haha.

Maybe someday my gear will catch GW's eye. =)


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