Aug 12 2010That Must Be Some Tea!: Laser Blaster Face


Because it is my birthday and I'm itching to get my ass to the tiki bar so I can get this party started promptly at 4 when they open, this is an animated gif of a lady drinking magic tea and turning into Laser Blaster Face, hands down the sexiest of all superheroines. God, just look at those eyes -- so dreamy googly.

Miso Soup Wonky Eyed Power Laser Face Blast [obviouswinner]

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I lol'd



lol, what Dean said.

Whoah - totally forgot that you, me, and the Wizard of Oz have the same birthday. Nice. Here's a nice birthday clown to celebrate:

I miss the SHOOP gifs... 300 was one of the best imo

Reminds me of my sister's cooking.

Better effect if viewed smaller.

i recommend the tiki's skull&bones. You can daydream of dino fossils while Mike pours heavy handed

Tiki Tiiiii????? I wub that place.


Happy bday buddy...
I still think its miso soup ! ;)


I love Tiki Ti! Enjoy the Uga Booga! I may actually be going there tonight too. Should I look for the guy humping a dinosaur?

Happy bday GW!!!

i laughed so loud XD

She was cute for about a second

She just took a swig of my hot hot man juice!

Shoop da woop? Really? That's what passes for information on this site? Friggin memes from 2007?

I can't wait until you find out about LOLcats, GW. That will be great! Screw your birthday, this was crap! You are crap. Eat my crap.

Happy birthday from Jaja ;D

i love you GW...

Tiki Ti rocks. Don't forget you can smoke there, you need to light up a cigar just because you can!

Happy birthday GW! <3 <3

Hey, that woman is Nacchi - Abe Natsumi from Morning Musume!

And happy birthday, too!

oh please. won't somebody tell me about the original gif, and why she's yelling? does anybody know?

also, happy birthday you drunk bastard <3

Didn't expect to see any Hello! Project members here...
What a surprise.

NO WAY. All this time I thought no notable celebrities shared my birthday. It appears GW shares my birthday. Indeed I feel priveliged :'D

Happy Birthday!

LMAO nice gif of Nacchi....

@some girl : your right this is the least place i would expect a Hello!project OG to be at .


Whatever. This site has gone to shit a long time ago. GW STOP DROPPING NAMES OF L.A. BARS LIKE YOU'RE A LOCAL.
You moved here from wherever man The TIKI room is played out and Hollywood billiards was cool until a bunch of Aholes from who knows where came and turned it into a shit stand with pool tables.


"The Tiki Room"?

I mean, I'm torn between hipsters getting in my way at places I like and exposing people to good stuff, but if you're gonna badmouth non-native Angelinos ('cause you were born and raised there) then at least get the damn name of the place right.

@31 So I emphasized the word tiki BIG F DEAL!!

Wahh Wahh!

"The Tiki Room" there you happy now bitch?

BAR/ROOM WHO CARES!!! I don't go there anyway

@31 Sorry REFUKIn didn't mean to call you bitch. :-)

Everyone knows the Tonga Hut's better anyway. :)

I have a tiki bar AT MY HOUSE!!! We should have a shin-dig. I'm way up in Nor Call, but hey, LET"S LUAU!!!

I used to hate Nacchi but now I wanna fuck her with that face.

@3x uhhh... he's going to Tiki-ti, dingus.

ITT: fellow /b/tards lol

She's yelling because this was the first time she tasted alcohol

OP is a huge newfag

Isn't that Tila Tonchila? What's her name? The chick that's famous for being a slut? OK, that could be several women these days.

lol so funny but y?

Isn't the Tiki Room that place at Disney World?

YAY! It's my Birthday too! Happy Birthday! =D

@38: I know he's going to Tiki-Ti... I can click links and everything! I meant some other time...


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