Aug 16 2010Oh -- You Wanted To See My Birthday Cake?


In case you haven't seen it because you're not a fan of Geekologie on Facebook (and therefore missing out on all the important life-lessons I have to bestow), this was my 29th birthday cake. It's a dinosaur. Specifically, it's a sugar cookie dinosaur. Atop an ice cream cake. What kind of ice cream cake? Hold on to your tits!

Hershey's chocolate cake and icing with Dreyer's Somoa Girl Scout Cookie ice cream and enough chocolate cracklins to choke a velociraptor.

Yes, yes I did just quote myself. And you know what? It felt awesome. Like the feeling right after you throw up to make room for more booze. The cake was crafted by my special lady-friend and just goes to show that, if you really put your mind to it, even you can find a girl who'll spend two days making a themed ice-cream cake while you sit around playing Red Dead Redemption and drinking. Except yours'll have a penis. Hoho, can't win em all!

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that's a cute cake, that's enough sugar to keep any fella partying throughout the night.

Cool… so did one of your regular slam pieces cook this up for you?


You can quote yourself. We learned how credible a source you are a long time ago...ahhh the memories.

Dreyers Samoas Ice Cream is the best god damn mother fucking ice cream ever!

o comon it should ahve been a gangbang of dinosaure instead of 1

$10 says he put his penis in this cake...

your grill fran must reallyyyy love you (specifically, your giant penis)

I think I just heard the distant sound of thousands of geek girls' hearts breaking at this news of a ladyfriend.

Girl Scout Samoas Ice Cream FTW!!!!

Does she have a sister?

Girl Scout cookies are any of several varieties of cookies sold by Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) as a fundraiser for their local Scout units. Members of the GSUSA have been selling cookies since 1917 to raise funds. Top-selling girls can earn prizes for their efforts. There are also unit incentives if the unit as a whole does well. As of 2007, sales were estimated at about 200 million boxes per year.

OMG OMG OMG...Did I just realize my 2 favorite sites I must go to EVERYDAY are goin' steady...shut the front door!

Congrats on the awesome cake GWriter!

My birthday's coming up- maybe I'll have this type of cake at my Gothic Lolita tea party? Looks good. You're making me hungry, GW. I didn't eat my veg tonight (it was full of maggots).
And- OMFG YOU HAS A SPECIAL LADYFRIEND? Feck... I guess I'll have to kill her.

Cute cake, btw.

save me a piece... please

oh god i want

shes smokin hot and she makes good noms? AND lets you play while shes in the kitchen (where womens should be) with no complaints? nice GW you snagged yourself a winner


It's WIN!

I hit my 29th in 1 month. How is it to be 1 year away from the thirties? D:

@14 wow your so inteligent you know how to copy and paste wikipedia congratulation

@24 Thank you


@25 Tennist0!!!

See wut I did thur?

Tennist0!!! IN THE MFKING HOUSE!!!

WHat Up hOmmIE?!


How FUNNY! I'm trying to remember where I saw it first but I made pretty much the same cake for my son's 5th birthday, same shapes of the sugar cookie as well. It was fantastic. :D

"It felt awesome. Like the feeling right after you throw up to make room for more booze."

Good to know I'm not the only one that does this :D

it should have the peanut butter chocalte girlscout cookie for the dine :)

it looks like a dog... but.. i like it :)
i can't believe she could manage ice cream!!!! that is freaking awesome

Quit talking about your b-day you f***ing narcissist! Nobody gives a crap!!!

It's okay, his special lady friend is Daisy.

And @11, that wasn't the sound of thousands of geek girls' hearts breaking, it was the sound of millions of dinosaurs' hearts breaking.

But your special lady friend will eventually abandon you just like all women do, for no reason and you'll want to die.

This really as a food use?

Yummy. I would have liked to be at that party. Lol I was at my sister's birthday party instead. Ice cream cake? *will make*

If she dumps you, can I be your new special Ladyfriend?

@ 32

I would say a lot of people give a crap. Hence, why he makes a living blogging while you, uhm.....I'm not sure what you do, you never mentioned it.

My brother's birthday cake(s) was better....with more dinosaurs:

My sister in law is talented... the top dino even had the bat symbol on him.

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