Aug 9 2010I Miss Shark Week: Shark Bytes Infographic


Note: This is only a small portion of the graphic, click HERE to see the whole thing in all its toothy glory.

Well, with Discovery Channel's Shark Week over it's another 51 weeks of depression until I'm back to fantasizing about dying in the jaws of a giant shark again. I know, I should just get a DVR. Too bad that shit's like $10 extra/month. They already try to charge me $1.60/month to rent a remote! WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY I MADE THEM RUN ENOUGH COAX CABLE SO I CAN SET THE BOX IN MY LAP. Who's laughing now, Time Warner?! (I think my balls are on fire)

shark week summed up in one infographic [technabob]

Thanks to Christian, who won't even go swimming in an above-ground pool now. Hey, I don't blame you.

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@2 go die in a shark related incident.

On topic: Lol, mega shark... if any of you haven't seen MegaShark vs Giant need less of a life.

Lol @ Helicopter shark!

Is the lazer on shark thing just made up for the infographic or does it come from a movie/internet photoshopege?


How come the rate of attacks to deaths is around 3 or 4 to 1 in pretty much every other place except for the US where it climbs to over 20 to 1??? Do americans taste like crap and get 'spat out' after just a quick nibble or are most of the 'attacks' recorded people bit by a guppy and go down in a heap "argh a shark got me, help help"

It says coconuts are more dangerous than sharks. Expecially frickin coconuts with fickin laser beams attached to their heads.

Shark BYTES? Am I missing something? Surely they're called shark BITES?

What-tha... left handers wielding right-handed equipment? I'll have you know that was a COMPLETE accident when I lopped off that arm! He wasn't going to use it anyway.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!!!!

Representing with the highest kills! That's cause our sharks know how to finish the job!

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@8 bytes, like giga bytes... ya know, since this is a somewhat a technology related site?

woohoo go australia

I know that RATIONALLY sharks are unlikely to attack me off the coast of Vancouver BC, but my animalistic brain is still hella afraid of sharks.

Sharks really hate us Aussies. :D

The funny thing is recently a shark got beached on one of our shores.

What did we do? We saved it!

What do sharks do when we're in trouble? Call us lunch....

Ungrateful bunch of animals aren't they? :P

@1,2,3, and 13
Kill yourselves

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@7 Lol... well said.

I find it horribly disturbing that not only are most attacks/deaths in the U.S. of A. in Florida (though not surprising at all), where I reside, but that according to the infographic above, there is a 25% chance of being bitten in the crotch or the ass.

Hmm... I do believe chainmail boxers are in order.

I'm fairly certain sharks only hit the lower legs while trying to get to your crotch.

like being bite by shark?

I used to live near New Smyrna Beach, FL. When I did, I heard someone call it the Shark Bite Capital of the world. Wouldn't surprise me; you really can't see anything through that water at all.

What, no shark attacks in Wyoming? Weird!

why was the image removed?

Yeah why was that removed? that is why...
I like turtles!

HERE is the photo:

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