Aug 2 2010How To Say I Love You, The Equation


I wish I'd been this clever in high school. Unfortunately for my early love life, I was not. If only I had a time machine I could go back in time and pass Leslie Labia a cute note like this instead of the one I did. God, the embarrassment. It read, "Mrs. Martin, I shat my pants again. Could you announce to the class I've been called to the principal's office? It's really starting to stink back here." What?! Oh like you could have done any better!

Nerd Love Solve for "i" [graphjam]

Thanks to Wes, who, will you go out with me? Circle one: YES YES

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Reader Comments

Thats pretty!

isnt this i>3u?

@2 not in this part of the world

@2 I think when you divide a comparative math statement by a negative the sign flips at least that's what I remember from math

how romantic (not neven joking)

@5 sorry thats not EVEN joking

GW, do you know how old this is?

SO old.

ZZZZ. SNORE. OLD. Old old old old. Stop browsing through the cheezburger affiliate archives.

yeah, John Begone is right it would be i>3u

@2 and @10, no, you're both wrong.
It is i to <.
Read 4

usually i get quite annoyed by people pointing out how old something is cause hey, maybe not nearly everybody has seen it anyway. but this - wow, this is old. then again, looking at the comments it does seem like not nearly everybody has seen it anyway.

:) One of my boyfriends got me a fortune cookie... like a huge one and then told them to put that as the fortune it was really cute.

Meaning -1 (you after being dumped) < 3 (dudes she dates soon after you) x u (her)

No mathemetician in their right mind would use i as a variable, as it is reserved for the Imaginary Number, aka the square root of -1.

Of course, if you are in love, what does 'right mind' have to do with it? Carry on.

That was awesome dude~!!!!!!!!(>,<)

its not i>3u because when you divide by a negative you change the sign =)

You do flip the sign when dividing by a this is not valid but yet still adorable : )

NOOO this is right they did flip the sign!!!

Umm to Sara Pulice haha i was like this close to sayin the equation is perfectly fine, and to ask how old they are =P lol
well this i nice and theres also this one

@2, 4 and 11: The sign wouldn't flip in this particular case because the numerator *and* the denominator on both sides are negative, thereby getting canceled and becoming positive => i > 3u. But as 15 pointed out, no Mathematician would use i as a variable. =P

awesomeee.......:D but, does it matter if there is 'i' as variable? i mean, the sign still should be 'i>3u'..., at least that's what i had learn at school.

@21: This is correct. It doesn't matter if the numerator and the denominator on both sides are negative. As long as you divide both side by a negative number, you flip the sign.

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