Aug 6 2010Confessing Your Love With A Tetris Simile


This is a love note some girl wrote a boy confessing her feelings for him through the use of a literary device known as the Tetris simile. I was about to tear her apart for claiming that's about to be a Tetris in the picture when there are clearly pieces missing, but then I realized she just used super-hard-to-see pink marker. Terrible color choice aside, I happen to have an exclusive on the boy's reply. *clearing throat* It reads:

You know the feeling you get right before you bang some random prosty in Grand Theft Auto?

Yea, I don't wanna give that up.

SNAP! Better luck next time you block droppin', unrequited love-bird!

Love Note WIN [failblog]

Thanks to martin, Shenanigans, and ponchovilla, who, you know that feeling you get when you sit down to pee and your wiener touches the inside of the bowl? That's how you make me feel.

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first, hey this is what i drew instead of writting wedding vows


AH how sweet. But there will be no tetris with what is drawn there.
So fail on the drawing.

Hey GW you were right in the first place, that is not a Tetris... Those holes may have very hard to see pink blocks but the lines under the new block would have already been cleared because they were full lines.

@ 5 - No it wouldn't have. There is a gap were more blocks can go in the very end on the right side. That's were the black block is supposed to go, making complete for completed lines.

For the last time.... QUIT reposting sh-t off Failblog. (T_T)

@7 stop complaining

Not knowing the difference between simple, commonly used words like yea and yeah - FAIL.

Kill yourselves

whats next? a similar picture where instead the last piece is a engagement ring for last piece, to complete her, naw how cute, wops spoiler <3<3<3

@10 wanna get a drink sometime?

Mmmm ok ill feel redicoulous but wtf am i suposed to see there??? seriosuly i looked at it a god 5 minute and still fucking nothing the only thing i see is a face like this:>_>

Mmm finally a firend of mine told me i was looking too far >_> i tought there was a message in the drawing but no its just the feeling when you will do a tetris

@10 U MAD???

@10 you are my hero

@13 - There is nothing unusual to 'see'. The point is that when the black blocks up top fit down the right side, completing (and disappearing) the bottom 4 lines, the Tetris player will feel very good. So, she's saying that feeling is similar to the way the boy (note reader) makes her feel.

Did you read it as Tetris SMILE (smy ul) instead of SIMILE (sim a lee)?
Yeah, I did that at first, too.

Please note: I could be totally wrong.


This interracial tetris porn is out of control!

there's a clear innuendo in the drawing... "i want you to put your straight block in my opening"

@17 ya thx a frien explained me this a little bit after i posted the message i was really looking for a message it would be writed after doing the tertris XD and at first i also tought there were empty space in it but nope its just a white pink

I once made a joke for my girlfriend out of computer code, though this was when we were still friends, and not actually together. I love having a nerd girlfriend. It makes life much more convenient.

I'm too good to feel anything when I'm about to get a tetris. I guess I'll never know the feeling of true love... or something.

lol that's sweet, that could work as a v-day card. ;D
just refine it a bit, and its a win for sale.

awesomely cute!

PS - naas - when did we get invaded by the douchetards?

I like this.

I thought the heart was an arrow pointing to were she was going with the black piece. I get it now. She filling in the right side for a tetris.

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GW, kill #28

never give up


Placing that peice in the side would do nothing. Look at it again. In the bottom there are FIVE rows. The straight peice is only FOUR blocks long. So it would actually just slide on in and do nothing except waste the space and cause you to lose the game faster.

But hey, maybe he actually meant it like "hey baby, let me slide my straight peice on in there.. It won't do much for you, but it will certainly bring me closer to my next piece!"


have you ever played tetris

Yeah, she feels like the tetras does just before the long block gets dropped into the hole.

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