Aug 24 2010How To: Catch A Ton Of Pigeons. Or, Why Is There So Much Bird $#!7 Right Here?


If you haven't seen this yet it's a video of some folks that were hired by the city of Barcelona to help remove pigeons from the city and thus reduce the flying rat's fecal impact on buildings and landmarks. And this is how they do it: with some sort of magic net-gun, possibly similar to this thing. Whatever it is, one thing's for certain: Spiderman seriously blew his chance to make a little extra pocket-money. Didn't you? DIDN'T YOU, PETER PARKER?! *SCREEEECH!* Haha, is, uh, is this thing on?

Hit it for a very short video of the other other grayish-white meat.


Thanks to John, georgio, Ali and jediGK, who catch pigeons the old fashioned way: by pulling the string that's tied to a stick that's holding up a box with a little birdseed under it once there's a pigeon pecking at it. Classic.

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yeah! thats the way!

They are going to kill all of them pigeons.

cruel but cool

strangely there was a sale on wings the next day...

LOL awesome. guy knows how disgustingly diseased all these birds are so hes wearing a mask haha stupid rats with wings

Calling them flying rats is being nice. They carry more harmfull bacteria than just about any other living organism on the planet. Forget that they crap on everything, its whats IN the crap thats the worry. over 50% of pigeons carry Chlaymdia (which can give you flu or pneumonia) and over 60% carry Campylobacter (worse stomach bug than Salmonella). The best part is that not only are they infectable by direct contact but its also airborne so you can breathe it in. Which is awsome news for those of you who have one of those custom pigeon perches AKA a window air conditioner blasting air into your house. Might wanna borrow that guys flame thrower trombone.

...and then they dumped them in the trash bin.

looks like catching fish.....

people for eating tasty animals...(pigeons ARE NOT)

Hope they don't just toss them all in a garbage can along with a few kitties.

You could also catch them with a giant vacuum cleaner.

Jesus Christ I want to fucking leave work so bad. 9 more minutes, but I just may not make it. Everyone in this fucking beige box of horror needs to go find a hole and crawl in, stupid fuck holes. God. Hate them.

Thanks for listening. Oh, and fuck you pigeons.


Murder is the answer.

Hey guys! Don't be mean to the pigeons... look at all the diseases humans carry, and spread. And look at the mess we're making of our planet, and you're calling pigeons messy?
Disgrace pigeons, disgrace humans.


Meh, never really liked humans anyway.

@12 HELL YEAH YOU TELL THOSE CONSUMER KCUFS !!! They should all be trapped and disposed of like those damn pigeons!!

@14 You should really come down to Venice Beach then. There's this nasty ass bum that camps out on his lawn chair and attracts a shit ton of pigeons (no pun intended) but the dude is covered in crap.


@12. LOLLLL i feel your pain, my friend.

one day, our cubicles will stack so high, they'll reach the sun. then, we will be free.

What, no comically over-sized wooden mallets to finish the job?


That, my friends, is a photograph of GW.
Do I have any fellow stalkers?

@ 14 Good try Hippie. Maybe you should go get some pigeon Chlamydia or Campylobacter or a few of the 66 or so pulmonary diseases they carry then spew some more hippie crap.
I am all for animal rights; I have pets, but if someone is dieing of Septicemias because a municipality let pigeons stay, thats bullshit.

Check out avian web and read up on some Zoonotic diseases and tell me some of that shit doesn't sound scary. Toxoplasmosis is scary as shit. Stupid Hippies.

They probably take them to area restaurants. Pigeon is a delicacy in Europe. Everyone saying that they are so disgusting apparently doesn't know that pigeons are not indigenous to America. They were brought here as food, some escaped and populations exploded in the city's. They are a nuisance, but they are quite delicious. They taste like a mixture of quail and duck. I suggest you try it. G catch some of the little buggers and cook them for dinner. You'll be surprised.

@19 I'd totally do GW but I don't know how I feel about stalking him

@8 your post made me laugh out loud

That'S how they catch their bird for KFC

@20, you get Toxoplasmosis from cats. About 1 in 4 people have it. Once infected, you have it for life. It causes worry, anxiety, sleeplessness. Pretty much everybody with schizophrenia has it.

Can't help to love it!!

Mmmmm McChicken

City pigeons taste like crap, as thats all they eat :-s

Call me ignorant, but.....whyyyyyyyy? Are they gonna eat 'em? Relocate 'em? Paint 'em white and release them at a wedding??

The other white meat.

what a cool net gun....

#19 - isn't that pic just from his FB page? I don't really think that counts.
On the other hand if you took phone camera footage through his window of him beating off to the bit in Jurassic Park where the Velociraptor works out how to operate a door handle then I would say you're an accomplished stalker.

here you can actually see how the catching net works:
I wonder what do they to with them?

meh, at university of victoria they catch RABBITS and kill them

it would be pretty funny if they used that net gun an a field of rabbits

i wish i had rabbits on my campus, instead i have to make due with squirrels

to all you humans...

fuck you

peter pigeon
the branch above your car

I dunno, I like pigeons.
Apparently they're smart enough to recognize their own reflection as themselves.

@7- If your going to bash pigeons, at least get it right. Avian Chlamydia is NOT the same as the one you and I can get. While transmissible to humans, Chlamydia psittaci is rare and usually only with prolonged and frequent contact with the animal. (Think cleaning parrots cages for 50 years or being the crazy bird lady covered in droppings).

Also Campylobacter is found in infectious amounts in EVERY kitchen sink, so try not to scare people by saying its found in 60% of birds.

I would know, I'm an Avian Veterinarian.

@36 I would know I'm on the internet so what ever I say must be true and whatever claims as to my credentials are also then true. So that being said I am the pigeon Czar and I have a PHB in birdologie and can confirm the government is at the root of a cover up hiding the pigeons plan to infect all humans with pidgenosis that allows them to mind control us.

oh mr pigeon id kiss you if you weren't swimming with disease

I am pretty sure over half of the slaughtering was done for them because by the end of the video it looks like the pigeons on bottom have been thoroughly beat to death by the flailing of the pigeons on top.

dude orange pigeon is soo good! its better then orange chicken!

This seems like something those barbaric Spaniard fucks would be down with

I'm going to need three of these nets for halloween...Those kids aren't going to willingly sit still and hand over their candy.

@42 It's not a sport. Just dig a deep hole in your yard and cover it with leaves. The size of the hole is in direct proportion to your hunger and the size of your storage facilities. And always remember, eat what you kill.

@20 Toxoplasmosis scared the crap out of me during my pregnancy. I had blood tests done every month while I was pregnant because I never developed an immunity to it. And yes you can get toxoplasmosis from infected birds or any animal for that matter if you eat infected raw meat. But it is most commonly spread to humans through infected cat feces. To a healthy adult toxoplasmosis usually goes unnoticed, but it can be dangerous to people with weakened immune systems and to an unborn child.

whos hungry?

@19...that's not creepy at all

@31 No, it's not off facebook, I found it on youtube, someone else got the picture, so they could draw him... Probably posted on here somewhere, but I will use it to get his full address.


It's about time we cured world hunger.

It is a trick to collect the number of pigeons at a single place. It is just providing them required meal that catches the attention of different pigeons together. It is really cool atmosphere.

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Sally Tracey,you're a fuckin' weirdo!

They probably will eat them and charge a pretty penny for it.

Roasted Squab with Seville Orange Confit. = Roast Pigeon in orange sauce.

Why do rich people eat the garbage parts of food?

Fatty duck liver, fish eggs, cow cheeks and that coffee thats shit out by weasels!

Makes no sense.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

how r u ? can i know where i can get its pls

I'm a vegetarian, you freaky carnivores!

Apparently, humans were originally herbivores, not omnivores. Might not be true, though.

Well maybe at some point we were herbivores i don't know nor care.
The current human species is omnivore and herbivores are the unnatural freaky ones.

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