Aug 24 2010Graph Depicting When Firefox's 'Private Mode' Is Activated. Alternatively, When Do Guys Play With Themselves?


Ever wonder what time of the day people opt for "private" internet browsing? Well wonder no more thanks to these graphs depicting what times and for how long Firefox users lurk for pr0n in private mode. Me? Nonstop.

The Mozilla Firefox metrics blog just published detailed data about what times of the day Firefox users switch over to private browsing mode (a.k.a. porn mode) and for how long. The results probably won't surprise you.

They identified four daily spikes in usage.

The first is around lunchtime, then there's another right after people get home from work around 5:00 PM. Then there's a spike around 10:00 PM and a final, smaller one a couple hours after midnight.

"Haha, you dirty little wankers!" aside, I'm a firm believer in not doing anything online you wouldn't feel comfortable doing on a library computer in front of everyone. Which -- you'd still masturbate, wouldn't you? Same.

Hit the jump for the graph depicting how long people typically spend in private mode.


Firefox Private Browsing Data Leaves Little to the Imagination [mashable]

Thanks to Shenanigans, who

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LOOL! Indeed there is my friend.

GW: you missed the "that's 9 minutes too long, right ladies?" joke.

@2 you're either a troll or an idiot. either way, i don't like you. you best watch yourself. i'm wanted in 12 systems.

it seems that these are "morning people"

I think some of my friends were part of that study. do you find this out?

@4 I'll be careful

YOU SUCK GW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@9This little one's not worth the effort. Now, let me get you something.

In complete honesty, what in the world is private mode?

According to this at any given minute at least 300,000 are masturbating and about a 1,000,0000 after David Letterman Show.

So if this private mode is supposed to be....private....then how did they track which users used it??? OH ITS NOT PRIVATE I GET IT!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one amused by the irony of statistical report information being gathered while a browser is in "private mode" and said reports being made public. awesome.

And why does Mozilla people know that kind of stuff? I thought the only "intrusive" thing was the suggestions shown in the embedded searchbar.

@17 I bet you use private mode.

Well, folks, it looks to be about that time again. See you in ten.

@4 and im wanted in 34 systems

Hey, Mozilla Firefox metrics, that's none of your beeswax!

@12 that translates to about 80 gallons of jizz per minute. More after Letterman -- about 4 gallons per second.

We're drowning in facts here.

The graph looks more like the time of day women shop. Am I right fellahs?

I wish it was times I got a sandwich...

Why is the second graph logarithmic? Pretty misleading

"Thanks to Shenanigans, who"



XD i laughed so much at reading the comment here

but seriosuly ... WTF IS THE PRIVATE MODE???

I figured a browser's private mode would be just, you know, looking at porn when no one's around.

@20 at average 4cc per shot that is 317 gallons and after letterman that is 1056 gallons. At 3 calories per shot that's 900000 and 3000000 calories collectively . Hmm enjoy your breakfast nerds.

Private mode is just so that it doesn't keep search information and such. Meaning if people go through your history they won't find anything. If you pay attention while entering private mode though you'll notice it says "Your ISP can still track where you visit."

im sorry.. i was ment to write 2 :(

at my job, we get in trouble for NOT looking at porn. if there isn't some naked on your screen, you're in trouble.

@23 I KNOW RIGHT? You dropped the got damn ball GW.

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