Aug 24 2010GAH, SO MAD: Woman Puts Kitty In Trashcan


This is closed circuit security footage of some evil-ass witch petting a kitten named Lola on the sidewalk before dropping the cat in a trashcan and scurrying off like the piece of shit that she is. Allegedly Lola (who's back home safe) spent 16 hours in the bin before being found by her owners, who then reviewed the security footage and discovered what happened. On the up side, the woman responsible has been identified and, hopefully soon, tortured and killed.

The grey-haired suspect was tracked down after she was caught on CCTV by the cat's owners, Daryll and Stephanie Mann, at their Coventry home.

Sky's Lisa Dowd said the woman was offered police protection because of the "level of vitriol against her".

She said residents in Coventry were extremely angry, and death threats had been made against the woman on the internet.

"West Midlands Police are taking her safety extremely seriously," she said.

You dun goofed, lady. Consequences will never be the same. Now I hate to always show off my future-predicting skills, but my guess is you're gonna have to move. Like, from underneath a car. Get it? I can see you in my rearview.

Hit the jump for the disturbing video.

Woman Who Put Cat In Bin Is Identified [sky]

Thanks to Kebabyuchenko, who agrees there's only one punishment suitable for the crime: going over Niagara Falls in a recycling bin.

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Reader Comments

Fuck that bitch

Your not supposed to do that?

oh nos

CATastrophic consequences!!

We should dump her in a bin!!!

We gon get you!

thats disturbing she must have some sort of mental problem!

that lady was doing society a favore, one less fee ridden mangy cat off the streets. all the do is get guys all over my wheels when i run them over. cause they too stupid to run into cars. dumb animals. the less of them they are the better we are. spraying and shitting all over buildings. that shit wreaks!!

LOL should be moar ppl like this in the world

@che-che you must have mental issues also.

I love you, GW.

WTF is wrong with police?!? Protecting her, seriously?!? They should just let her go free and let vigilante justice take it's course.

che-che is retarded-retarded.

Why don't we eat cats? or dog's for that matter?! (and yes you know damn well that if it came down to you or your pet you would choose yourself, don't be ignorant.) all emotional attachments aside they are probably really tasty.
and it could solve both animal overpopulation and human hunger issues.

So let me get this strait its not okay to put a cat in a garbage can but its perfectly okay to kill, and or want to kill this woman for hurting a cat (that wasn't actually hurt but could have been)

This is Sad, Why are you all so anti human?

che-che is idiot-idiot.

What a waste. There are starving children in Canada who'd kill for a kitten. Hmmm, tasty yum-yum kitty.

I hate animals as much as the next guy, but that cat was just minding his own business. Don't get me wrong, that was the funniest thing I have seen all week, but not very nice.

Aren't cats supposed to go in the recycle bin?

che-che your a Fucktard, maybe we should put you under a car and see how much guts you spill(probably not much, you sound gutless), guess you've been turned down by so much pussy that you now have a complex, seek help or suicide(the better of the two considering the comment you made). Go die and i hope a cat pisses on you everyday for the rest of you wasted life.

Is it wrong for a rich and successful woman to have a sugar baby? is it wrong that she falls in love with a handsome and charming man? It's human nature for her to want a younger and more attractive partner. Furthermore, more and more services come out on Internet focusing on this kind of relationship, such as `````Sugardaddy Hunt* ..*{C0000M}

@18 MarkM, no, you cannot recycle them. There're separate bins for paper, glass, cans and plastics, but not for cats. Lol cats. You must be a little crazy to even think of it. Everyone knows you're supposed to flush excess cats down the loo. Don't waste water though; try to dispose of more than one pet/child with each flush.


[Um, wtf is up with the language filter? Does you f'n mom read this or something? Doucheology - a place to express your (redacted)]

Just put that woman in a trashcan and tape it up, and see if she survives 16 hours.

che-che is poo-poo.

I know it's terrible but I couldn't help but laugh a bit


I think she's on to something, except its backwards. It's a simple test of someones humanity. Would you put a live, friendly, cute kitten into a garbage bin when you though no one was looking? If you answered yes, then we can dispose of you in the same manner!

It really simplifies things!

Now lets put this stupid bitch in a dumpster and let her rot! And don't touch other peoples animals or anything else for that matter!

I would of done the same thing, but I just pull out the pellet rifle and shot them in the ass. My cat stays in my home, I do not have a dog or an out door cat, why should I clean up Dog or cat crap in my yard? Keep you pets under control or don't have pets!

Police have identified her and are talking to her atm. I hope the public get hold of the sick bitch first and give her a kicking.

That was messed up. She starts by petting the very friendly cat and then attempts to murder it? That's the kind of psychopath that needs to be removed from society.

What a bitch.


I Don't See Anything Wrong Her, Ive Watched The Clip Backwards 4 Times, And The Nice Old Lady Is Only Using Her Sith Lord Powers To Pull The Poor Kitty From The Trash Can, Pet It, Stare At The Weird Car Driving In Reverse, And Innocently Walks Away... Backwards.

chill nigguhs, green is for bio-degradable waste

I think you all have this lady being a murderer when really she is a savior. That cat was roaming outside by itself. The cat could have been hit by CheChe's car or even someone else. She put the cat in the can for safe keeping until the owners returned home.

Kitty litter?


I will accept the fact that we want to inflict harm on this woman... there is a sense of humanity lost there. But at the same time, there is more humanity in wanting to get rid of people like this. She did what she did to an innocent creature for absolutely no reason... why should we allow twisted people like that to interact and infect the rest of the population? And yes, it was just an animal, but if I saw her doing that to one of my pets, she would end up a bloody puddle. When animals attack people there is a natural reason... when people attack animals, there is no reasoning behind it. It's one thing to hunt for food or to defend yourself against a wild animal... but this was a domesticated pet... PET!!! as in, belongs to somebody. How would like it if someone just walked up and caused harm to your property?... humans.

That woman needs to get slapped and some mental help. She gives a bad name to Psycho's.

@14 The human race is some what pathetic and easily provoked. Take a look at Troll Che-che's poorly worded attempt to start a flame war and the people that fell for it. Along with messed up values it is sad bu true.

@GW did you just use a Yu-Gi-Oh abridged quote?

at all the rest I know my post is
"Too Long Did Not Read"

successful troll is successful
Also I wonder what /b/ has to say about this.

Funniest shit this week...and I can laugh because the cat's okay and they found the bitch.

That lady deserves a medal. F cats.

Seriously though, it is kind of amusing how people have a tendancy to get more angry about animal abuse than human abuse. How many people got abused, hurt, maimed, killed today at the hands of other people - but we don't give a rat's ass.

But put a stupid cat in a garbage bin... OMG NO!!!!!!! SHE MUST PAY. SHE. WILL. PAY.

@18 Nope. Actually you're supposed to put them into the compost bin. Duh?

the only wrong thing in this video is that she didn't put the cat in the CAT bin... you know... for recycling

Overreact much? By the tone of the post and some of the comments I fully expected to see the old lady dump a bunch of bricks in there after the cat. I can understand the anxiety of not knowing where your pet is but this lady could have done a million worse things. Like chase it out into the street, or light it on fire, or swing it around by its tail...

She must work for PETA

You hear about humans angry/rallying against human abuse - as some have said - but the victim turns right around and screams " MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. "

Animals can't think abstractly ( certainly can't even talk ) therefore in their ignorance and innocence they cannot defend themselves nor take care of the situation such as someone involved in " human abuse." In other words, Humans have to stick up for Pets/Animals who can't represent themselves formally in a Human society.

that's just as bad as tossing a child in the can. Funny that some people don't think we humans animals too with a tool based intellect.

@Brian - I'm pretty sure that if this lady dropped a human baby in a trash bin and left it, readers would be even MORE infuriated, and the legal repercussions would be exponentially more serious. It's the malicious abuse of an innocent and relatively helpless living being - human or otherwise - that people can't stand. I don't think you could find a single person who would honestly be okay with this story if the cat was replaced with an infant.

Maybe YOU don't give a rat's ass. Don't speak for everyone else.

Yessssss, check me out, I'm a fucking newshound! Bitch deserves a damn good beating also.

Kebabyuchenko xxx

For sure it's mean, but I don't get how someone can be SO ANGRY at how a cat is thrown in the trash, or say they don't support animal abuse and still eat animals.

Not saying eating meat is wrong - but the double standard makes NO SENSE.

Have you ever seen animal slaughter ?? Like actually??? That's not nice -putting a cat into a garbage bin ... is nothing compared to that.

Like I said, not saying meat is wrong... it's the way the world works and all but when you think about it, what the hell is the fuss about with a cat???

The bitch should be tar and feathered.

cat in trash FTW!

@52 now that's a good idea!

@ 51

You think killing an animal for food is the same as killing an animal for no reason? Wow.

Not to mention any good hunter/butcher will inflict a quick painless death. This fat b**** left a baby cat to starve in trash.

I think it's funny that most of the people defending this woman such at spelling and use little grammar. Truly uneducated cavemen.

As for Brian, you even have a redneck white trash name.

and yes, I meant suck. Not such.

Mine is a simple typo. The people condoning this woman's behavior have a simple brain defect.

hell yea i hate cats they should be ground up as food for dogs.

Cat was probably safer in a garbage bin in all honesty... I keep my cats indoors because I live on a busy street and don't want them getting run over; apparently Lola's owners don't care enough about her to keep her indoors where it's safe.

haha i hate cats.

I'm telling you, she's secretly working for some Chinese food shop who has been having trouble getting their supply of cat recently.

What could possibly motivate someone to be that evil against a harmless kitty?

I hate people like that.... I mean why does she have to be so fat AND mean.. is there a correlation between fat levels and mean levels???

the lovely thing about internet is that it exposes people like this. they should release her name and where she stays so that for the rest of her life she will be known as that dumb twisted bitch that threw away a cat. paybacks a bitch har har har

K, anyone knows the street? Just saying.


Really? Throwing a cat in a bin to starve to death or worse wind up days later in a trash compactor is worse than a quick severing of the cord/brain causing almost instantaneous death?

true there are many BAD farms with BAD animal practices but not all. It most certainly is not true that all meat eaters are hypocrites in this case. Those who only buy kosher meat for example have a very high standard of the treatment of animals.

@18 - Only the first 8 times...

This woman is not well...

It's a known fact that people who abuse animals are more likely to abuse their partner's and/or children. Also, most well known sociopath/mass murderers started off abusing/killing animals as children.

I hope this poor excuse for a human has no children and if she does, I hate to think what sort of horror's they've been put through...

@Brian and all who agree with him, you're an ignorant fool. If people were to see a video of that same woman throwing a baby in the garbage the police would not have found her because the people in that community would have killed her. It's only because people have seen the video that it is being blown up. It's the media that makes the difference Vietnam proved that. Also no she is not insane she needs to see a therapist but is not insane. Insane people don't look around to see if anyone's watching before they commit such an act because they don't believe it's wrong.

I wish the cat trough the bitch in the trash can 

@51+Che che
These guys are probably gingers with no souls.Or maybe troll gingers.

@che-che i agree that strays are a problem, but there is a humane way of going about this.

the way the kitten willingly jumped up on the fence to let the psycho woman pet him/her, obviously shows that the kitten is used to human contact. AKA IT HAD A HOME BEFORE BEING PUT IN THE TRASH BASIN!

a true stray would have run off, or given you a big "fuck you" in the form of claws if you tried to touch it. if i caught that woman doing that to my own cats, i would be sure to put her down in a rather inhumane fashion.

god bless texas, where pets are considered property. we have a right to defend our property here. *wink*

Bitch gonna die.

I am still waiting to hear what her reasoning for doing that was....



Me too. I want a written statement by this weirdo explaining why she felt the urge to do what she did. You don't do that to an animal without some sort of expectation that they will die. She probably assumed that since the trash bins were all out by the curb that the animal would be collected and crushed by the compactor.

And for all you nay-sayers/cat haters, how'd you like that treatment, eh? I eat meat, sure. I try to buy organic meat that come from cows that are allowed to be Cows until they're made into my burger, but that's beside the point. I'd be just as enraged at the thoughtless treatment of a cow, sheep or other food animal, if it were regarded as a pet for non-consumption. It's a useless, empty death, and what that woman did is just plain psychotic. The U.S. is idiotic in its views that other nations who believe in equivalent punishment is "barbaric". I say throw this woman into a dumpster for 16 hours. If you're proven beyond a doubt to have killed a man in cold blood, you need a shotgun shell to the face. If you kick a dog, you deserve to be kicked square in the nuts. No exceptions.

KILL THAT [email protected]!!

Yeaaahh. . .bitch needs to be compacted inside a cardboard compactor, become part of one of those 2,000lb bails of cardboard.

Aww man. I was going to eat that. j/k Yeah that lady is messed up

People like this should be fucking tortured until death. I want to fucking cut a hole in her throat and pull her tongue through it then shit in her eyes, rip them out, shove them in her mouth, then sew it up, and fill the whole where her eyes used to be with urine. Fucking scum of the earth.

Maybe if it was some douche-bag cat that was hissing and being pissy then I wouldn't be AS angry. But the thing was being a decent cat and DID NOT deserve that (nothing does).

That woman needs to get curb-stomped. Big time.

And to everyone else who irritated me with your annoying 'oh man, I'm hardcore because I write controversial comments' posts - you're tools. Go jerk off or play your Horde character in WoW.

Oh my god...
I can't believe that. That was incredibly creepy.

I think we should hunt both the crazy cat-trashing lady and Che-Che down and slay them.

I'm pretty sure there is.

AAAAAAHHHHH !!!! who the heck would do that

ROFL! that made my day!

geez there is a lot peta ppl on this site talking down to everyone. They're just a bunch of haters

and wat do haters do?

haters gonna hate!

i'd love to hear her reason for this

This is one of the few times I would give imprisonment as retribution. 16 hours without food and water every day, and putting garbage around her every other day.

LOL pets the cat waits for cars to pass and just tosses it, what a bitch lol

For the old lady: "You don't have to come and confess we're lookin for you, we gon find you, we gon find you

Why the hell would she do that? I checked on /b/, and they aren't too happy about this.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to hunt her down, but the cops can only stop so many people.

I've got to say, probably this is fake. Lots of motion blur during the dumping of the cat into the trash, seems like a viral prank in poor taste.

Who cares? I mean it's just a cat. Thousands of cats are killed every day in this country. If the owners cared they wouldn't have left the cat outside. Millions of homeless Americans and you nerds are worried about a cat?

Grow up...seriously

I probably would of did the same thing sorry

@ Erik

why in the fuck should i care about homeless people? i have enough to worry about taking care of my own ass. a good percentage of you are spoiled childish fuckers that wouldn't know how to live if all of your convenient ways of living were taken away from you.

I like that she looked around first. It was the perfect crime.

i am really glad my stupid comment struck a nerve with you jackasses.

its a damn cat in a trash can. he will start crying eventually and someone will let it out. you guys act as if she threw it in a wood chipper. ya need to get out more and experience life. cats hop into trash cans all the time. they like to lick the shit off the sides of them. cats are tough critters. animals are not delegate they can take care of themselves. they dont need pampering. they are beasts of the earth. so settle down. the worst thing that someone can do to this animal is lock it up in a house where it wont experience real life, like climb trees and eat birds and all that cool animal instinct stuff that they do. so please, shut up you immature over protected pansies.

who else thought of schrödinger's cat by this one? ^^

@ chee-chee is that why you talked anout running it over because theyre tough cookies or how you called a beloved family pet a flee ridden stray?

she's the one that needs binning, i hope the local hoodlums reek havoc on her house.


please do the internet (and the world) a favour and go kill yourself.

To everyone who locks their cat in the house... dude, they have claws and those claws are used for climbing trees, hunting, etc... they can't do that shit locked inside your house...

Good grief, all she did was put a cat in a garbage can! And the lid was the kind that the cats around here are always friggin' flipping open anyway! The stupid filth-ridden vermin was probably having a great time gorging itself on all the garbage in there the whole time it was in there, which was probably why it didn't escape on its own. Don't forget that cats (and raccoons) are the main reason garbage cans HAVE lids.

Jesus christ why is everyone so moist over cats? All she did was drop it in a bin.
You kids would shit your pants if you saw Zippo Cat.

WTF is it with all the old lady hate, you bunch of whiny bitches?

She was just keeping the stupid animal safe from passing cars!

Would you all rather watch a cat placed softly into a guarded roadside container or a dumb animal get flattened by a speeding vehicle, it's spine or skull horribly crushed leaving it to fester and bubble on the burning asphalt? Yeah, I thought so.

put her in a garbage truck and activate the compactor D:<

No outrage over the owners allowing the cat out in an urban, residential area? No commenters have flower beds, I guess. None of these commenters have had his front stoop chosen as tom cat territory.

All that aside, reactions are predictable and further evidence of the death of western civilization.


We had a huge laugh watching this. They shoulda kept the cat inside, I guess

Whatever. 1/2 of you are P.E.T.A. pussies I bet.

The cat wasnt killed it was "compartmentalized", geez. I bet it hurts your feelings when people kill cows for your dinner and pigeons who shit all over the place too?

Its not like she put the ladies grandmother in the garbage bin.

Bitches be crazy.

its sad, so much hate.

hating the kitty,
hating the woman,
hating the police offering protection for her

my question is, why would she do something like that? im guessing its not because she feels warm and fuzzy inside.

GW, your pro-kittyness warms the cockles of my heart. thank you.

@49: Right on.

I vote for a good ole fashioned 'mauled to death by big cats' punishment.

What can I say? I'm a traditional gal.

Is it ok if she does it with a Chihuahua?? ....please

What the hell?

I believe number 1 and number 109 said it best.

This is fucking ridiculous. Did she have some kind of defense? Something akin to "it was mean to her" or she wanted to keep it safe or it was eying her purse or something.

@che-che no interweb redemption for you! contradicting troll is contradicting. Oh and in your post I think you meant delicate, like your feelings and the subject of your unusually low IQ. =)

She deserves to be punished! Cruelty is cruelty, if a person is cruel to animals, they are probably cruel to children as well. She is the lady who gives a kid a piece of candy and nobody ever sees the kid again. She said she "thought it was funny", WTF!!! There is something seriously wrong with her!!!
I think it would "be funny" if someone put her in a trashcan, without food or water or light, and left her there...PERMANENTLY!!!

Did I miss something? Was the cat hurt at all?

If you all want to be pissed, be pissed at the cat's owners for allowing it to run around and roam outside. Getting placed in a trash can isn't the worst that could have happened to it.

Now get a grip. Yes, I'm looking at you in Firefox Private Mode, GW.

I hope the police are looking at this sociopath closely. This is serial killer material. Serial killers get sexual pleasure torturing helpless creatures.

They should dig up her yard and basement. And then leave piles of dirt and holes all over the fucking place. That is the least this evil person deserves.

That's psychopathic behavior. People like that are beyond help and just need to be removed from society. Preferably in a recycling bin.

@85: Okay, won't talk down to your extremely dumb and defective ass. I'll just hose your retarded mom's tonsils with about half a truckload of semen until her freakin colon chokes to death on milky goo.

Who has a CCTV pointed exactly at the spot on the pavement right in front of their wheelie bin...?

If it is real, it reinforces my belief that some animals have more of a right to live than some humans.

Someone oughta go in her house and leave her refridgerator open so all her food goes off!!

Whats ya problem?
It's just a fuckin cat!

GW is such the lurker

soooo glad she got caught, that's fing wrong, even if you hate cats - what the hell.

Mary Bale
4 St Michaels Road Coventry West Midlands CV2 4EJ
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7644 1875

information courtesy of /b/? seems real. :3
go mess that bitch up.

maybe she was just leaving it in there so it would jump out and maul whomever's recycle bin it is?

Disgusting piece of shit woman. I hope she gets raped over and over again and then stuffed in a trash can. I hope her children and grand children get raped and tortured in front of her. I'll be first in line for that.

@ che-che
What the hell is a 'fee ridden mangy cat'?
You are clearly a moron, and you should probably be tied to a train track. One less idiot in the world, makes this world a better place.

Please take direction from me

1: Go to your nearest bar and drink until you can't see straight (this makes the game REALLy fun).
2: Drive around at high speeds.
3: Find a telephone pole and pretend it's a cat.

I SWEAR you will have a TON of fun!

I think we need to hear the lady's side of the story. Maybe this cat is a neighborhood nuisance always messing up her garden and stealing stuff from her property. There are a couple cats in my neighborhood that are always f'ing up my flowerbeds and pooping on my sidewalk that I have considered throwing in a trash can. My dog is gonna catch one of them some day and I will laugh.

seriously surprised at the number of people who don't find this funny.
not like the cat can come to any harm. if anything its safe in the bin.
people put stuff in those things every day. the cat would never have spent 24 hours in there tops.
i don't see what the problem is anyway. its only a cat. jesus

the woman will die soon

She's needs to be put in a bin. If any species are overpopulating, it's humans.

I'm totally not seeing why one person was banned and a bunch of other people are are saying the same kind of stuff, putting that ladies information up and thats okay? Seriously? Slanted view on reality.

I'm in TOTAL Agreement with @132 Zanz..... it was hilarious, get over it.

It was a freaking CAT! Come on people. Fuckin pussies.

Trashcan? Dumpster?
This happened in England so it's a Wheelie bin or rubbish bin.

That's AWESOME!! She should be commended for that!! Cats Suck!!

/b/ represent

@ 8. che-che.... Looks to me like someone should run your illiterate ass over you fucking Moron. Learn how to:
A. Type
B. Use Grammar
C. Spell
D. All the above.

That what you don't make yourself out to be any more FUCKING RETARDED that you already are.

if we were only to watch this backwards she has magic hands that pull the kitty out of the bin and on to the ledge thats how i like to watch this video

i dont see what the problem is, topcat (bosscat) lived in a bin for years.

btw im from coventry and that street has been flooded with cops for ages now. its just down the road from me lmao!

You dont have to come and confess!!
We're lookin' for you!!!
were gon fin' you were gon fin' you!!!

that lady works in the RBS bank in my town, i live very close to town, i have four cats. every night i show them a photo of her so they run away if she tries to get them into a bin.
oh and she puts it in the green bin, REALLY? it's not garden waste FOOL

go green. use burlap sack and the nearest body of water.

It seriously frightens and disgusts me that there are people like that in the world. Throw her in a trash truck and take her out like they did shredder in the ninja turtles movie. Then blow up the truck so she doesn't come back for a sequel lol.


Shouldn't PETA crank down on her for animal cruelty?

wtf crazy evil bitch!!!!!!!!!11

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