Cats With Guns: Kitty Playing Duck Hunt

August 30, 2010


This is a short video of a cat playing Duck Hunt. You can tell he's good because he doesn't hesitate to go right after that annoying f***ing dog. I also love how he keeps waiting for the birds to fly out the top of the monitor. Haha, animals -- so stupid. But seriously, where do they go when they fly offscreen? Please don't say hell, please don't say hell, please don't say hell. "Hell". GAAAH, YOU JUST DID THAT TO HURT ME, DIDN'T YOU?! You're sick.

Hit the jump for some blatant disregard for proper gaming peripherals.

Look At This F***ing Cat Video of the Day []

Thanks to Sherman, who asked his cat to beat Resident Evil for him but she refused. Typical!

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