Aug 3 2010Pew Pew Pew Pew!: 15,000 Firework Rounds


What do you get when you take 500 30-shot fireworks and set them all off at the same time? Haha, besides an opportunity to call 911? Yes -- this video. It takes a little while to get going, but when it does, oh boy, when it does. Almost makes me want to tape a bunch to the hood of my car like a tank and see if I can't get my neighbor to surrender his pool to me for the rest of the summer. *yelling through megaphone* THIS AIN'T SOME THREE LITTLE PIGS FAIRY TALE, MR. JENKINS -- I CAN AND WILL BLOW YOUR SHIT DOWN. YOU HEAR ME?! You have one minute to hoist a pair of water wings as a sign of surrender. Also, I hope it doesn't sway your decision but I am going to have sex in the shallow end.

Hit the jump for the pyrotechnics in action.

Shooting 15,000 Fireworks at Once Looks Exactly How I Imagined It [gizmodo]

Thanks to Alec, who once tried launching bottle rockets from between his moobs and ended up setting his happy trail on fire. Smooth.

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Reader Comments

Awesome, now to find some remote controlled airplanes to fly in front of it.....


Thank god I didn't say First, I would've been a gonner :P

so cool

Jesus would be proud

That's it, stand a bit closer, it's not like it's 15,000 rounds of fireworks or anything.

And what a great way to spend your year's salary.

This reminds of an episode of Myth Busters. They tried to recreate an old korean war machine, pretty nifty

@7 nice. i thought the same thing too, it was called the "hwacha"

GW: Drowning a puppy in the shallow end does not count as having sex.

i'm diggin the recent videos where people do cool shit and don't stand clear of it in case something goes really wrong like perhaps getting a brick in the face or anus blown inside out

Know what I was waiting for... the whole thing to just 4ucking explode 2 feet from the jack ass standing there. That would of been epic!

Oddly enough after a night of drinking and eating under cooked Mexican food I once had explosive diarrhea that was very similar to this. I mean it sounded sort of the same and although there was no fire, it sure felt like there was!!

I only counted 13 583 shots.


if that thing can kill zombies ill take 2!

Get ready for the zombie war people!!!

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They've obviously never been to Asia, to one of the street fireworks event.


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@7 ya i do remeber tjis episode damn that was just so great

congratulation you just invented a chinese Gatling

"getting a brick in the face or anus blown inside out" that is the funniest shit i have read in a while hahahaha

If only they shot it at something besides air...

Epic War - unlimited arrows spell

Awesome by the way

Fuckin rad!

Ahhh... reminds me the good old day in mother Russia.

Kim Jong Il has hundreds of these 15000-firework launchers positioned strategically across North Korean as part of his awesome air-defense arsenal.

I fail to see how this was an "experiment". I suppose it was awesome, but it wasn't much of an experiment.....

Its kind of like when you wake up to pee. torrent of water..... spurt spurt.... drip drip drip.

That's what it feels like to shoot your load on MDMA (plus the way she kept squeezing my balls whilst she was sucking me off).

I did 100 with my friends during 4th of July and burnt down a bush. Fun times :P

Awesome. It reminds me of the Finger Gun from the Armored Core games on the Playstation.

Isn't that littering??

Big whoop, this is how it looks when i go to the bathroom 3x a day.

...minigun? :D um no...minirockelauncher! next experiment, mount it on a vehicle and see how it´ll handle moving targets =D

Wow. So thats what it looks like when a unicorn has diarrhoea

they could have at least a camera taking a video from a far to see what the blast looks like.

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