Jul 9 2010Yoda Recording His Lines For The Star Wars TomTom Voices


This is a funny little video of Yoda doing his voice recording for the Star Wars series of TomTom GPS voices. I'm not even gonna lie: I giggled. Like a schoolgirl. Now you may be wondering, "but GW, how you gonna giggle like a schoolgirl if you don't have a plaid skirt and knee-socks on?" Oh I do. And I am HOT for teacher.

Hit it for the worthwhile video. *waves hand in Jedi mind-trick motion*


Thanks to michael, Sherry and juniper, who all know how hard it is to work with a 900-year old Jedi prune.

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Hehehehe :) Awesome!

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ah, american culture, beacon an star wars,

@4 Dude you are Awesome!!!

yoda eats yodels.

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I srsly want a tomtom just for yoda's voice. I lol'ed a lot at this video

jajajaja! win xD


Ah, non-Americans. Can't spell and stupid as fuck.

@4 ah foreigners, when smelling like mecca just isn't enough

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Damn, what is up with all the posters hating on each other? Just enjoy the videos, they are freakin' hilarious.

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Ah an American criticising others spellings. The irony.

Nearly every comment criticising someone else's spelling/grammar has questionable spelling/grammar. Including this one. S or Z? S OR Z?!?!?

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Good thing he is to short to drive a car

The first 24 comments were written by three people in various "character".

I read this site and its sister sites and this by far has the least funny comments. Even the racist horseshit at the Superficial is more entertaining than you fucking assholes.

@26 And your comments are setting the standard for funny? Yours the trollest of them all.

Hey number 12. You imply that if your not American you can't spell. That's charming, coming from a country that had bush as a leader for how long? hahaha you make me laugh numb nuts.

@ 28

So that comment means what?....that you're either also self hating American or Canadian. There is also a 15% chance you're British.

Yoda, Karl Childers has more in common than most people think or know. think a mine, you have it.

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