Jul 23 2010Video Shows Location/Country Responsible For All Nuclear Explosions From 1948-1998


This is a video documenting the location and country responsible for all 2,053 known nuclear explosions between 1945-1998. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "Jesus, how are we all not dead?" you are! You know the Ruskies were experimenting with blowing up the earth's core and destroying the planet, right? Because I didn't just make that up. It came to me in a dream. The same one where I had sex with a lava monster!

Although the map and graphics are almost comically low-res, the minimalist presentation is so effective you can't look away. Every explosion produces a musical chime, and every time a new nation goes nuclear, it gets a different note. We were particularly struck by the Cold War musical duel between the U.S. and U.S.S.R., as each responds to the other's nuclear testing, resulting in a darkly impressive light show on the map.

Neat idea. So neat I've been inspired to make a world map with the chronology of my sexual experiences from 1995-2010. Hold on to your hats, folks, you're about to see some real fireworks! Idaho, 2004: looked at another man's wiener while peeing.

Hit it for the long-ass video (and a sped-up Youtube version), but feel free to skip around.

Jaw-dropping video shows every nuclear explosion from 1945-1998 [dvice]

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Reader Comments

New Jersey isn't far away from being on this map...

Yah. Nuke em.


Still humans got no tail... Sad thing

Sac Le Blue! Check this vid from "The Day After" out. Pretty siiick.


Did we win?

WTF America, seriously

you sunk my battleship.

America needs to chill out.

you see the furthest NW explosion in the US? that was my toilet.

What about the ones in space? And we should start this up again but bigger and start with the Jersey shore.

U. S. A.!!!!!! U. S. A.!!!!!!!!


i sing this with pride

Unbreakable union of free republics,
Great Russia has united forever!
Long live the created by the will of peoples
United and mighty Soviet Union

Glory to our free Fatherland
The stronghold of the friendship of peoples
Party of Lenin is the power of the people
It leads us to the triumph of Communism

Through storms the sun of freedom shone to us
And the great Lenin lighted us the way
He raised peoples to the right cause
He inspired us to labour and to acts of heroism


In the victory of the immortal ideas of Communism
We see the future of our country,
And to the Red banner of our glorious Fatherland
We shall always be selflessly loyal


The US alone did almost as many as all the other country combined...

Austrailia: Britain's finest nuclear facility
Africa: The French don't give a shit.

In Soviet Russia you don't detonate nukes, nukes detonate you...

@16 almost? we did more... 1032 is more than half of 2053. This must of taken a lot of research... I had no idea this many were detonated. Whats up with France man? 210?? Trying to best the brits or compensate for something?

Knock knock
Who's there
Cab who
Cab whom. Kaboom.

You already posted this

i know most of these were just test (US had most of them in the desert) but HOLY CRAP! I wonder if these were just the documented ones or if they actually saw these from space.

Stumble Upon gave me this site a month ago......

America! Fuck yeah! Comin' again to save the mutha fuckin' day yeah!

How does all that look/sound from distant planets? No wonder aliens stay away.

@25 In space no one can hear you scream... or detonate nukes.

YEAH GO AMERICA!!! This was a competition right? I was pretty sure it was to show Russia we would kick their asses. AMERICA!!!

@9 Of course we will chill out have you ever heard of nuclear winter? :)

And we wonder about global warming... wtf.

Oh yeah also GW put 1948 a few times instead of 1945. Because if it was 1948 those first 3 nukes wouldn't be there.

Did France nuke ANYTHING but Africa(racist maybe)?

Nukes are so bad ass
They blow tons of shit up at once
Die Japanese! Die!

Truly disgusting and sad...

Our only earth and we've always hurt it.

@32 It's called a parasitic relationship, much like the like the ones required for many single celled organisms to sustain life. The same organisms we evolved from. And before you say that it's different because we have a choice, let me ask you this: Do really have a choice wether or not to consume the very environemt that give us life if we want to continue down a path of progression? My answer is no, We're no different than every other creature of this planet, people just think because we have a higher state of consciousness we have to go against our natural path.

Yay! USA wins!

Russia was a spirited competitor but the US pulled ahead and never looked back while France and England were never really in the competition.

I'm betting my money on America to take the finals.

Chuck Norris nukes his left overs. Literally.

Who gave France 210 nukes to set off?!

Wow Mr. 33. With that mentality, there really is no hope. If we at least think we are aware that we might have a higher state of consciousness, and if by the same intelligence we know our nature might not be the best, why not go against it? Let those who think they can try at the very least. We all should, but if you don't want to or think it's impossible, don't worry about what the rest do. All I'm saying is that you might be right about us going down a natural path of self-destruction, but the last line sounded like a scorn to those who try to go against such path.

"16. Max Boivin - July 23, 2010 12:49 PM

The US alone did almost as many as all the other country combined..."

Not even close, but you've scored one for gulliblility.

The US is the only nation with a Freedom Of Information Act. So the best you can accurately say is "The US did almost as many as the ones we KNOW about from other countries".

That being said, why the fuck are we detonating so many INSIDE our country?

no...your talking about the Andromeda strain

@37 I meant not to scorn, I apologize if that's how I came off with that post. I just try and offer new perspectives that other may not have considered otherwise. I could be completely wrong, I just can't help but notice the same pattern in nature.

France is the cause of poverty in Africa.....

So our nukes still work right.?. Maybe we should test some just to make sure.

The last 3 mins of the long ass version are a summary of bombs per country, showing that USA, China and Russia are suicidal, France drops most in Africa and the leftovers in the sea, and Britain wins by bombing USA several times. USA is a good second for bombing Japan though.

Jeebus! America has been lettin em off like kids with fireworks... We Brits are probably saving all ours for when the rest of the world or at least France runs out..

In Soviet Russia, nuke tests YOU!

What's the threshold here? Would <1 Kiloton qualify for this video if it produced nuclear fission? (that's if the video went past 1998, of course)

My real question is, and I'm sure this is the wrong place to ask: Would the 2006 North Korean Nuclear Test qualify?

#38 "The US is the only nation with a Freedom Of Information Act."

No it's not.

@33 you can always kill yourself. and/or take others with you.

just what the hell is there to gain from shooting off 1032 nukes? and thats just usa


#38 "The US is the only nation with a Freedom Of Information Act."

WRONG - From Wikipedia:

"Over 85 countries around the world have implemented some form of such legislation"


someone needs to make some sort of flash game out of this

I wouldn't trust wikipedia...

And these are the countries that have some twisted mentallity to "protect" us from the evil? Can't you see who the evil really is?

Please, you can go *uck yourself...

Wow! America seems to be having a party over there!

I like it how in the 90s all the splosions just stop suddenly XD

WOW... Just imagine all the radiation in the oceans from all those test. Seem it was the international dumping ground...

I hope all of you understand why after 1990 most testing stopped for the usa. If you would of payed attention in history class, or the news if you are old enough, the soviet union disbanded in 1990. The only reason the us and soviet union tested so many is we were in a little thing called the cold war. One of the 2 countries had to show they were stronger. If you pay attention to the video you will notice that every time ussr tested a nuke the us tested 2. Its not the us you should be pissed at, it is germany for ww2 putting the rest of the world in a state of panic, thus setting off the events that led to the cold war.

Wait, when did England bomb Southern California?

@57 I noticed that too. Also china nuked siberia a couple of times.

No wonder they couldnt find an WMDs in Iraq. The Amercians were too busy setting them all off in their own backyard. America - Dumb as fuckyeah.


I dont know about other countries so I cannot comment on that and since many of you dont consider wikipedia a source, how about a government site?

http://righttoinformation.gov.in/ - this is a link to the right of information act in India, its pretty much the same thing as the Freedom of Information.

So next time your about to say something absolute, try using google first.

btw - how come Israel was left out?

Is it any wonder why California has so many Earth Quakes.....OMG....

Let US all PRAY, No MORE so called TESTING....

Did they count the one that megged Superman in CA after he caught the one heading for Hackensack? Where's Lex's flag?

No wonder we're all dying from Cancer!
And what the hell was that one (or more) down in the Gulf states? Thats not the desert or the ocean!

Some of you should really read this

It's the USA who convinces the french to build their own nuclear weapons. Plus, part of north Africa and the pacific were owned by the french back then (and still is for the pacific part), thus the tests performed in Algeria and French Polynesia.
Also France is the world's first nuclear power in term of energy production.

why the fuck are people taking this so lightly? seriously you think you can just make fun of the fact that we have been decimating our planet since the A bomb? @56 they probably didnt count the ones that clinton detonated under the ground. apparently that was ok with the UN. how dare you people reduce this to comic books. you should feel absolutely ashamed of yourselves for making this seem as trivial as superman...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

What I want to know is how the hell the western US is still attached to the North American continent!!!!

@41 iota1 ROFLMAO
Maybe we should do another one just to make sure!

whats with the random bombs near louisiana? and near mexico? no wonder they're hopping the border; they're migrating north during the nuclear winter!

@56 or blame bosnia for setting off ww1 in a troubled time leading to the treaty of versiles where becouse austria hungary had split in two germang got it hard in the face and balls and some stupid austrian kid with a stupid mustash rallies public hate and plays smart what a BASTARD
but why do we not blame the black hand gang

"24. Will G - July 23, 2010 1:57 PM ~How does all that look/sound from distant planets? No wonder aliens stay away."

That's likely a good thing. If they are so worried about what we are testing, then they're just as paranoid a group as "we Americans" are, and how many wars we should not have been in?

"37. McFeely Smackup - July 23, 2010 4:07 PM ~ That being said, why the fuck are we detonating so many INSIDE our country?"

Because most of that was done in the desert, where there's little life to disturb, especially human. If it's a small enough detonation, the effects on the population should be theoretically nil.

"48. Dallas - July 23, 2010 9:01 PM ~ just what the hell is there to gain from shooting off 1032 nukes? and thats just usa"

Precision testing, i.e. how much is exactly needed to take out how much area, and is it linear? New models of radiation cores. Perhaps methods of lowering radiation levels post-bombing. (Modern belief is that radiation is constant, but considering how many conclusions about nature change in science in just 50 years? I'm not willing to back it totally.) Not to forget the USSR's part in why we were lighting so many punks.

"64. TelcoPhil - July 26, 2010 2:03 AM ~ No wonder we're all dying from Cancer! "

Brother does life insurance policies, and cancer policies. Half of men will have some form of cancer before they are 50. That's just men. Cancer policies are looking good. :P

"66. Balrag - July 26, 2010 3:33 AM ~ Why the fuck are people taking this so lightly? seriously you think you can just make fun of the fact that we have been decimating our planet since the A bomb?"

Considering that they thought that they were going to set the whole atmosphere on fire for that first bomb, and were still willing to try, I can understand the cavalier attitude.

I just watched the video and all those explosions to me just makes no sense. I mean, how could the human be so innocent by not knowing the atrocity of those nukes after seeing what happened to Hiroshima et Nagasaki!?? All our weather is fuck top because of those stoopid explosions! There's something that scientist didn't catch up even yet about those explosions and we will probably see in a near future that, the end of the world will not be made by an asteroids coming to visit us at full speed but by a human mistake and a lack of scaryness.
All those atomic bomb stacking underground on each side of continents are waiting for a massive doomsday dudes. How about a super massive explulsion of magnetic substance from our own sun, making those atomic bombs to be launched by themself because of an unknow intensity of borealis aurora? Geeze.. like my grand-father said: " We all already dead ".

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