Jul 8 2010Super Mario Bros, The Way It Was Meant To Be Played: On A, Uh, Graffiti-Covered Wall?


This is a video of several Super Mario levels being played on a city sidewalk. Except they weren't actually played on the sidewalk, the video was motion-tracked and then the Mario levels were superimposed to appear as if they were played on the sidewalk. Which, I bet if you asked Shigeru Miyamoto, is the way the game was meant to be played. Ooooor projected onto a bath-towel while you sit on the shitter. Which, no lie, is exactly how I beat Ocarina of Time.

Hit it for the video.

Hey Mario, Take a Walk on the Wild Side [gizmodo]

Thanks to Christian, who once played Kid Icarus on the side of skyscraper until a bird shat in his hair.

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Reader Comments

Hahahaa, One word *Slams a green 3* UNO!

Damn you U! *Pulls out a Draw 4 Wild* UNO!

fuck you! *draws four*

I'ma Third!

@3 OKAY!!! *Draws blue Skip* *SLAMS IT* My turn *2 cards left, SLAMS Blue 5* UNO!!! and thats how the game is played Muchacho!

@uno ok man srsly, you;ve gotta stop the whole playing uno thing.

@UNO players... dayum you almost broke the table

@ Geekologie readers
Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it's time to go. Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let's do the Mario, all together now!

i want to forcefully stuff my tiny wiener in that.

@6 seriously you gotta stop caring about us playing uno, im sorry we didnt invite you, but i know you got bigger fish to fry....hahaha are you catching my drift "bigger fish to fry", now go and fillet her to sleep already, you dog you!

Well played sir / touche salesman.

Haha @11 you sir are invited to play uno at the next post....*puts on pancho and starts walking out the room slowly*....*clint eastwood voice*, bring your Sombrero Punk!


not a single post about the actual video... wierd...
this post doesn't even count either...

@14 direct your gaze towards comment 8. I quoted the marios brothers tv show them song. Let me explain the logic here.
1. My comment comes from a tv show
2. The tv show is based on the video of this article.
3. My comment was related to the video through transferable property.

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Ok.. I couldn't post a comment because I said bad words but post #3 got through? What kind of taurus caca is this?

Coolest thing I've seen all day!

Neat idea, shit player.

I don't get this one... sure it takes a bit of work to sync the swaying camera and have the game and sidewalk appear to be filmed together (does it? I don't even know... with tech these days it might be super easy). It just seems like two videos slapped together to appear as one (which is what it is). I thought it was going to be stop-motion graffiti or something...

dat was fucking dope yo! g slizzle!

"Several levels"!? The whole game is *beaten*! Looks like *somebody* didn't watch the whole video. Oh... unless that was a surprise. In that case, this post contains spoilers and you shouldn't have read this.

Super Mario galaxy 2 is a great game but i feel like i should start on hardcore games. I need help deciding?

Awesome stuff!
I have always thought that Super Mario is the most popular Super Hero ever. This is simply crazy

I just lost the game

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