Print Me A Pizza!: MIT's Digital Food Printer

July 20, 2010


I hate eating. It takes up precious time plus I'm fat. But what if homecooked meals were easier to make? THEY ARE, THEY'RE CALLED HOT POCKETS. But did that stop MIT cohorts Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran from conceptualizing this 'Cornicopia' digital food printer? Oh hell nah son!

this 3-D printer concept is a personal food factory that fuses the digital world with the realm of cooking by storing, precisely mixing, depositing, and cooking layers of ingredients with no waste.

Cornucopias' printing process begins with an array of food canisters filled with the "cook's" foods of choice. After a meal selection has been made using the device's multi-touch translucent screen, users are able to see their meal being assembled while simultaneously manipulating real-time parameters, such as calories or carbohydrate content. Each ingredient is then piped into a mixer and then very precisely extruded, allowing for very exact and elaborate combinations of food.

Once each ingredient has been dropped, the food is then heated or cooled by Cornucopia's chamber or via the heating and cooling tubes located on the printing head.

Mmmm, that Taco Bell. Great, now I want a cheesy gordita crunch. Oooh -- and a Mexican pizza. Shit do they still sell Choco-Tacos? Because I will straight up crash my roommate's Vespa through the drive-thru window if they do. Want anything? Four chalupas and a Baja Blast? YOU'LL GET NOTHING AND LIKE IT!

Hit the jump for several more renderings.




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