Jul 1 2010Fish With Mustaches Attracts More Ladies


Proving it's not just the size of your fishstick (or hush-puppies) that attracts the opposite sex, scientists have discovered that male Mexican Mollies grow luscious mustaches (seen here practically making me beg for a ride) to attract the fish womens.

Scientists were unsure why male Mexican mollies wear an extravagant moustache-like structure on their top lip.

Now a study has revealed that female fish find the moustache sexually attractive, and it is likely to be a sexually selected trait.

As well as being visually-attractive, the moustache may be used to rub the female fish's genitals, exciting them.

Now I know what you're thinking, "reaaaally, GW? You really think fish mustaches attract the ladies?" And I'd like to answer that question with another question: Would I have I have just glued a fistful of pubes to my lip and hired a boat captain to take me on a mermaid-sighting tour if I didn't?

Male fish in Mexico sports sexy 'moustache' [bbcnews]

Thanks again to RyanThePerson, who'd I like to think was Googling, "what's a fair price to charge for mustache rides?" when he found the article.

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Reader Comments

mexican fish in my head always had moustaches.... you sure this is not just a racist stereotype hoax?

wait... what? fish giving moustache rides to excite the felmales? this fish is a player... what waterhole do i swim in to find one of these magic carpet rides?

Yes, the dirty sanchez fish.

mouchtache ride FTW!

"As well as being visually-attractive, the moustache may be used to rub the female fish's genitals, exciting them"


sorry i was unaware of my redunancy


I guess since it doesn't smoke it decided to grow a mustache.


if they were, theyd also have sombrarros, ponchos, and a bag of oranges

The Tom Selleck effect.

i like fishsticks.

LOL at the comments here.

wow, now that tickles my fancy.
I guess thats why davy jones from POTC rules the waves.

lolz at firsttard

70's style porno fish. Awesome

@8 you forgot that they aso have some tamales near them

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typo gw? or am i high

I wonder if there is any correlation between the fish and the men in Mexico. Lotsa mustaches.

I wonder if they style their mustaches? If so, I bet the gentlemen style gets all the classy gals. ;}D

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