Jul 6 2010Please Tell Me That Didn't Come Out Of Magneto: Magnetic Silly Putty


Magnetic Thinking Putty is exactly what it sounds like if you replace 'Thinking' With 'Silly': $14 magnetic silly putty. BUT CAN IT STILL COPY THE FUNNIES?!

Magnetic Thinking Putty takes regular "silly" putty and turns its awesomeness up to 11. Like any other putty, it can be stretched, bounced, molded, popped, and torn. However, when this putty is in the presence of a magnetic field, it exhibits fascinating properties.

Millions of tiny micron-sized magnets are embedded in each handful of Magnetic Thinking Putty. Use the included super-strong neodymium iron boron cube magnet to control the putty like a snake charmer.

There's a time-lapse video of the putty swallowing its magnet after the jump, but be warned: it looks exactly like how I've always imagined a lady's parts. Kidding. No, no I'm not either. Admittedly, Magnetic Thinking Putty does sound fun, but I've already taken the concept one step further: broken glass putty. Here -- CATCH! Haha -- NOT SO SILLY NOW IS IT?

Hit the jump for a couple worthwhile videos.

Product Site

Magnetic Thinking Putty Makes Silly Putty Awesome Again [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Josh and amanda, who

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Reader Comments


who what?

Looks like a poisoned gallbladder swallowing nugget of plutonium


Dude GW
give these away instead of
bucky balls... haiku

THE BLOB of magnets.... o.O

Like a reverse poo.

Thankfully my pecker is metal plated. Tenga cups out! Metalica Goo in!

I believe this may actually be the same symbiotic life form that turned eddie brock into venom.

looks like someone mixed iron filings with silly putty

I think this is a cover up, it's not really a toy. This "thinking putty" was designed to be used as weapon against the robot apacolypse...or something'

I can't wait for the follow-up post: "Magnetic Silly Putty Causes Tard Babies"

That pretty cool. Do you think it can swallow a walkman?


Fuking silly putty, how does it work?

SLIGHTLY DISTURBED.... yet strangely fascinated.

Cool and weird! Kind of reminds me of that simbiot thingy from Spiderman!

We all need to stock pile this stuff. This could be what saves us from the Robot Armageddon.

So its just ferrofluid in silly putty.
Not worth my money.

You mortals shall pale in comparison when i have the almighty THINKING PUTTY

broken glass putty, I laughed :)

I love this product now, because the company hates robots also. In their question page it says
"Q: If I'm a robot, does that mean I'm not allowed to play with this?
A: ZOMG, you're a robot!? Sorry, having fun with Magnetic Thinking Putty is a privilege reserved for humans."

Ironman's fucked up!

Those videos looked kinda like a time lapse. How fast is it really? If it takes a day to move 4 inches, NOT INTERESTED.

under the burning questions:
"Q: Will there a be a letters on it if you press it against a book or some newspapers like the original silly putty does?
A: In the mid-nineties, the inks used for printing started to change from petroleum-based to soy-based. These new inks don't lift off the paper as easily as the older inks. However, you can use the Magnetic Thinking Putty to lift pencil drawings with ease. The putty will also capture the outlines of laser-printed material."

We can use this to capture the robot invaders, or at least slow them down and kill them!

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Im wrapping my junk in tin foil and getting a divorce.

FUCKING MAGNETS ! They defy gravity !

All I can think of is Tim Curry singing Toxic Love from Ferngully



WOW just in time for blob fest in Phoenixville! it's this Saturday!

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Magnetic Thinking Putty vs' bucky balls

who will win? Gimmi your bets!

Who cares indeed, thank you for the tip ds23

@1 'uno' means "one" if you want to say 'first' its " primero"

This reminds me of ferro-fluid, except its putty.
BRB, im gonna go soak some silly putty in ferro-fluid.

Oh wait it's just really dirty,

Dude, thinkgeek already has that stuff.

That scares me.

What if it at my Hot Wheels?

Today is my birthday and that would not be good.

Am I the only one who's reminded of the symbiote suit from spider-man?

Has been around for years

wow, it's alive! this blob is so cool

Thats kewl, wonder if it could be ued to help with metal salvaging somehow.

Also I thought that faggety typing 'First, or Uno, or whatever the fuck people type when they are the first comment, and they make no comment regarding the topic or video. Those people make me want to commit my first assault charge. . on there fingers with a small cast iron pan.

This is so cool. Reminds me of the game World of Goo.
edit: Its sold out :( !!!!!!!!!!!

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