Jul 27 2010LOLWUT?!: Nokia's Questionably New Slogan


I think it's actually supposed to read, "concocting poopie", which makes a lot more sense because that's exactly what Nokia does. That said, my first cell phone was an old green-screen Nokia brick that I got a bright-ass yellow case for from a kiosk at the mall because I thought I was cool. Hoho, little did I know -- I was the coolest. Did I mention the belt clip? There was a matching belt clip that would make you wetter than a wave pool if you saw it right now. So f***ing hot.

Browntooth enabled... [engrish]
Nokia's Come From Behind Strategy [gizmodo]

Thanks to Marco, for inventing what is arguably the funnest game to play in the pool. Kidding, it's Sharks and Minnows.

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WOW I always knew there was something going on at Nokia.... just had no idea it was poopies

my inner child giggles

ym inner child *giggles*

hehehehe...... poopie......

meh, you should see the problems Japan has with the word FUK

this cracked me up. hahaha nice one GW. coonecting poop/ :P

it's my work

lolololool poop jokes never get old.

hahaha, look at what i saw at TJ Max!


If you want me to take a crap in a box and mark it guaranteed, I can. I got time.
...... just sayin

i hear that the new apple iphone slogan is "i can haz signal?"

@12 -is that your take on that classic cat with the cheeseburger thing? OMG I LOVE HOW YOU HAVE TAKEN THAT HILARITY AND ADAPTED IT AS YOUR OWN!

Amazing GW nor the Comment-people have seen this one before.

Im stamping this one as FUCKING OLD!!!!

meh, engrish lost it's humor with me. Nothing new really, but GW makes it shine. Yes that is correct. GW makes shit shine like new

HAHA! This article smart happy fun translation! YES!!

u be trollin....

"IKEA, Seating Poopie"... or somethin

fake, but funny

No I don't think it's fake.

Anyway this pic is SUPER old, it was actually my facebook profile pic for like.. a year! I kid you not.

Still totally halarious! Good old Engrish!

My first phone was a Nokia, too!


It's not the real Nokia I bet. In China they knock off whole companies with fake HQs and everything. I bet this is in China and it's one of those.

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