Jul 3 2010'I Kissed A Nerd' Parody Song And Music Video


This is a parody of the Katy Perry (who's actually a parody of a real musician) hit 'I Kissed a Girl'. Except this one's called 'I Kissed a Nerd'. It was created by the Damsels of Dorkington and is definitely worth a watch if you're bored. Or lonely. Or looking for love in all the wrong places. IN THE FREEZER, REALLY?! Ooooh -- we should cook those pizza rolls.

Hit it for the video.


Thanks to Alexis and erik, who have have both kissed geeks and said it made their lips tingle like kissing a twinkly-ass vampire. Well that's something.

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The lips don't match up with the song in some spots. Other than that, pretty interesting. Especially the "I'm a girl" part.

sadly i have 4 of the costumes seen in this film. <3 life

slutty! =)

too bad the blonde chick is actually a tranny and the main girl is pretty busted too.

A+ on concept, C- on execution.......

Cute. "...he can't dance but he can grind it.." XD

And Happy 4th of July weekend all!

Okay, am I a super fucking nerd, or was the guy with the FuMP cell phone at 2:20 the Great Luke Ski?

Am I the only person who thinks the chicks in this video are vile?

@1 You finally have a shot now!

I love kissing nerds:)

That's some... damn, we got some iffy geek & nerd chicks around here too, but looks like you'd put the cream of the crop in your vid. Oh, wait, maybe they did! Course the dudes aren't much better. SHudder To Think what's hiding in those costumes!!! LOL!

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So... i like the concept but... the blonde chick looks like a beat up bloated less hot version of britney murphy and the main chick looks hot by comparison... but is still pretty gross...

Brittany Murphy's final work. RIP BRITTANY.

Hmmm, this was a train wreck....
I agree with #8

not your finest post, GW...and JESUS I would never ever want to come accross that THING in a slave leia costume...it's a disgrace

Eh, I still prefer 'Do you wanna date my avatar' for best female singing about nerdy things.

@11 I too can't stand the look of those girls. Song isn't fun and they definitely are attractive.

Song isn't funny*

And girls aren't attractive*

The addition of rorschach made me jizz.

Wow.... That was truly awful

I am amused. but then I rather enjoying kissing nerds.. Strip War Hammer .. ;)

I hate it when people use the last of the toilet paper. Fellow Geekologie bloggers, do this next time it happens to you. Take the roll, rub it on you'r ass, put it back. Best case senerio: dude constipated shit everywhere, reaches for paper and touches shit. Gets up slips on pee. Worst: friend comes over. Simple. Otherwise: I really hated this video. >:(

would you date me? i'm part band, part track, and ALL nerd :D

What's wrong with her faaaaaace?

Geekonomy Rider: If you want some pizza rolls, visit my webzone.

Are you talking about that chick from the Horrible Singing Webzone? I'd lock her up in my basement and beat her... I mean make sweet, sweet love to her all month long.

I'm a nerd/geek/dork and I didn't like this at all.
The only good thing about this is my friends can get laid by some whore and get over their virginity.
(I'm a girl btw). I hate how only guys can be nerds/geeks. :/
Yes I study in computer science, yes I play world of warcraft, yes I have my own action figure and LEGO of Darth Vader. :)

and that girl is butt ugly

@ 28


No one gives a shit, every one is aware that there are girl geeks.
Also the fact that you feel the need to point just how nerdy/geeky/dorky you are on GEEKOLOGIE makes you an attention whore... you should feel bad about this.

LOL I think I just realized a sexual fantasy of mine, having sex with a man in a storm trooper costume.

ATM! Ass to mouth with this one. Right up her pooper!


Don't you love attention whores like that? "I AM A GIRL" We don't give a flying FUC*. And you are right, when they have to go to the extreme to make a point and tell people they are female, it's like "Look at me!!! I LOVE BIG COC* UP MY POOPER!


Umm, dude you're coming off as a bit of an immature ass. It was just an innocent comment. Would you really expect geekologie girls to not post on this? It's titled "I kissed a nerd"... I think we're kind of allowed to make our comments about the video the same as everyone else without being attacked by an anal rapist.

@33 i fucking agree and you mmake me laugh alot XD. Well we all ahve differant opinion and the post button is made to let us the chance to explain them

Nerdy parody of the day: The ladies of Dorkington kiss freaks of science in the order of the hymn sexperimentation Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl". Where is the registration form to participate in this study? (For those keeping score at home, two Katy Perry Parodies in one day.

Poor girls. There's only so much (poorly done) makeup can do.

ungly blonde chick IS ugly, the main one IS hot. I would do her in the butt....

SUCKS. stopped it after 1 minute

This video was funny, pure and simple. All you regular commenter's ever do is talk trash, hell I can't remember the last post from GW to actually get positive feedback.

I am willing to bet, everyone of you who talked trash about this video has already went to their website and downloaded the mp3. So can it, your tough trash talk isn't fooling anyone.

Eh, cute concept, but it would have made more sense if the girls singing weren't clearly nerds, themselves. Nerd girls don't fetishize nerd boys - we just date them.

The socially-adjusted ones, anyway.

@41 lol that's such a true statement

This rocks--and geeky smart performer chicks are hot!

All you guys who think the damsels aren't good enough for you need to go back to whacking off over your net-porn girls, you know, the ones who don't know your names but have your credit card numbers on file. Personally, I'd prefer not to have to fantasize that a woman has a higher IQ.

For the record my lips taste like fucking raspberries.

@36 Really want to sign up for something like this? http://www.visioncon.net

This entire video was filmed this past January at a sci-fi/fantasy/anime/gaming convention known as Visioncon. It takes place in February (don't know why it was in January this past year) at the Clarion Hotel in Springfield, Missouri. This year, it will be the 18th-20th.

The possibly sad part? Not only do I attend the convention on a regular basis, I know several of the people in the video. The guy in the wheelchair is a good friend and is quite possibly the biggest nerd of the bunch.

@10 No, that is not Luke Ski. Just a look-a-like.

I like the parody video very much. this is my favorite

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