Jul 9 2010CODE RED!: The NSFW Safety Advisory Chart


Great, now I want a Code Red. F***ing love that stuff. I'll even finish a bottle that's been rolling around in the backseat of my burning-hot car for fours days. You think I'm above that? I'm not above anything. This is the NSFW Workplace Safety Advisory System, it works just like the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System. I don't know about you, but I could die happily never seeing a threat over yellow. You? I can tell you're a deviant. "LET'S CRANK THAT SHIT UP TO PURPLISH-BLACK AND DO THIS!"

NSFW Workplace Safety Advisory System [buzzfeed]

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About time they came out with a warning system. now when nick sends me perverted shit i can be forewarned :P



@1,2,3,4 You, sir, are straight-up ass-up. Way to prepare yourself for rape. Very courteous.

poor geekologie is clogged with firstarded twits today

Anyone up for UNO!.....fine i'll go first.....*draws card* FUCK YEAH WILD DRAW 4! Mwahahaaa *evil Look while fiddling with mustache* im so gonna win!

I'm gonna hang this up at my worplace, as soon as I figure out what that is.

nice post, but now I must get back to wor.

Up for a UNO! *summon his power* *take a card*
Double Rainbow card !
Prepapre yourself for the apocalypse sir.

Why some awesome narvals appear on their logo ??

I don't even remember how to play UNO

examples ?

and lol at the ಠ_ಠ face in the logo ಠ3ಠ

I love those eyes

You'd have thought that they would have used a spellcheck prior to posting this to the internet.

Spelling FAIL= WORPLACE. Is that where the Wizard of Wor hangs his nutsack?

@15 zbeling iz 4 nuhbz, tieping lyke uve nevar bin 2 skewl beefore iz awsumn

don't quit your day job aspiring graphic artist...

@1-18 phags

Cooooooooooooooooooooool idea!

Maybe GW shopuld use this color code when posting NSFW material; changing the BG color of said article for one of the above i.e. Jawa titties = Yellow BG color for the article | Fatty Mc Fat Fat with a triforce designed shaved in her pubes = Red BG color for the article.

The Worplace will never be the same. Lol.

geekologie.com is usually SFW - NSFW2

For NSFW4,

turn off google safe search, and google: goatse

This advisory system is so much fail.

First of all "Worplace", seriously? Spellfail
And NSFW2 is not even real softporn. So NSFW3 would be at most hardcore porn, but "Seasoned Internet Veterans" are used to that. To be suprised and or offended, it had to be something like the offended part of ED. But where is the harcore porn NSFW? Maybe NSFW2.5?
And NSFW4 has to be made first.

I know it is supposed to amuse me, to make me laugh and not to be taken seriously, but I'm not amused.

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I would put furries in the top category. Seriously. I didn't need to see that shit. As if I don't drink enough already...

what about NSFW5 ' UltraViolet' Death or Termination of Employment??

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