Why You Sparkly Little Homewrecker: 'Twilight' Series Ruins Relationships

June 29, 2010


As news that should come to no surprise to anyone who's ever talked to somebody obsessed with the series, Twilight can seriously skew a person's view of relationships, and actually make their own, non-sparkly-vampire-movie-ones, suffer.

The [Los Angeles] Times found women who have nearly lost their marriages by neglecting their husbands in favor of "Twilight" fan sites, blogs, and message boards. One woman gushes that she's seen the movies "over 300 times."

"If there is a chemical that's released when you're falling in love, your brain has it when you're reading or watching 'Twilight.' You get that utopic feeling of first love and you want to experience it over and over again," one 50-year-old former engineer who has experienced her own "Twilight"-related marital problems, said. The names "Bella," "Jacob," and "Cullen" are climbing the popular-baby-name lists every year as more and more parents make their "Twilight" fandom a permanent part of their families.

While the phenomenon of life-altering "Twilight" obsession is mostly confined to women and girls, the Internet reveals that even some men are falling victim to the vampire love triangle. "How do I go about combating my husband's 'Twilight' addiction?" reads one desperate plea on Yahoo! Answers. "He even has a Team Edward sparkly shirt."

LOLWUT?! Your husband's gay, lady. Amirite, Team Jacob?! *high-five* Now let's transform and get the howl outta here -- I think I saw a deer carcass by the road.

Twilight Fans' Vampire Addiction Affecting Relationships [yahoomovies]

Thanks to Smith, who only needs one vampire in his life: Count Chocula.

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