Jun 30 2010One Rock, Twenty Different Video Games


This is a little chart showing what the same rock would look like rendered in twenty different video games. For reference, pedra normal means normal rock in Portuguese and isn't the name of a video game. Or if it is, the most boring game ever. Move over, Super Watch Grass Grow!

Tudo depende do ponto de vista [capinaremos]
What One Rock Would Look Like In 20 Different Video Games [albotas]

Thanks to Romeo and Adam, who have both eaten rocks and shat gravel. Damn toughguys!

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Reader Comments

nice ^^

So Awesomee! I want 1000 more of those =p

the one rock on the bottom left looks like a lil penis

Yeah...well the one in Battlezone looks like a triangle.

no. 3

Glad someone said it.

Yay Zork! [shows age]

I don't want to be a douche, but Reddit gets a lot of this stuff days before GW finds it. Not everything though, so Geekologie is still a daily stop in my routine.

Where's GTA?

I need to shoot the rock so i can get my money back.


I want to see what a rock from Twilight looks like.......someone please shoot me now I deserve it for saying that. But let me drink some rum first

Oh. At first I thought someone had discovered the rock was the same in all those games then I remembered that there is no future to either earth OR gaming which is why some twenty year old named Colby spent a week doing this shit.

PS you killed the future

Where is the one from Mass Effect? All shiny and sparkly and sometimes film grainy.

WTF.... not only is that just mind-blowingly insane, but WHO THE FUCK goes around looking at rocks in video games and compares them to other rocks in video games?! I'm a geology major and even I think thats nuts

Yeah, this would be interesting if the same rock appeared in all those games. But someone just rendered them all to be based off the same rock.

Holy shit, this is the worst post I have ever seen on here. I'm sorry GW.

I'll still be back.

nice trolling Hattie

anyway, isn't this like older than the internets?
i've seen this ages ago, and it suddenly popped up in all sites

That's no ordinary rock. It's a rock star! Pedra astora as they say in fake Portuguese.

I'm glad that at least some people remember Jet Set Radio Future. I actually still play that game on my old Xbox.

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They forgot battletoads -.-

ha! The Halo 2 rock has better graphics than the real rock.

i saw this image like a year or 2 ago.

Doom 3 is so true, scares me just thinking about it...

This is the dumbest posting ever.


The Zork is classic and had me laughing.

yeah, I think this whole thing was designed for the Zork punchline... that had me laughing out loud

the Zork one is the best.

i mean, LOOK at it! the graphics are better than all of the others! it's thought-provoking! it's realistic! it's amazing!

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