Jun 28 2010I SAID DO IT!: The Truffle Shuffle T-Shirt


At first I got all excited when I saw this because the model looked like an attractive lady and I thought I was gonna get a face full of napples. Then I realized it was just a dude that looks like a lady. That's the worst kind of dude, FYI. I'd still kiss him aside, this is a Truffle Shuffle t-shirt. It has "DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE" on the front, and a picture of Chunk's face when you flip it over your head to dance. Clever, you should probably get one. And I'm not just saying that because I'm gonna titty-twist your pepperonis off like radio dials, but I am. They don't call me the Purple Nurpler Areola Rolla' for nothing you know.

Urban Outfitters Product Site

Thanks to Andy, who once gave a kid a swirly in the middle-school bathroom without flushing first. Okay now that's just unsanitary.

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Reader Comments

I wish more girls would wear these.




Am I the only person that thought this dude was a chick?


Maybe next time you could read the fucking post.

I somehow don't think this shirt is for everyone.....
Plus maybe they should get a more suitable model next time.

Dear number six,

Just because you too thought this androgynous boy was a girl doesn't mean you have to get all read-the-fucking-post. It's ok that you might be gay.


when i first saw this i thought it was cool cause the person appeared to be a hot female and i was thinking i might get to see some nipples. It was than it occured to me that i was mistaken and it was some guy that appeared like a female. I beleive that is the worst kind of fellow. p.s. i would still kiss him

@6 get a job

they be ripping off them soccer tees they made exactly like this. biters!!! get some original ideas ya schmucks!

Androgynous he may be but he can 'truffle shuffle' me all he wants.


what a funky lady!

Now there needs to be a shirt that says do the Areola Rolla' and when you lift your shirt up all that happens is someone does the Areola Rolla' to you...or somethin'

That is one flat chested girl


I wonder if Jeff B. Cohen gets a "chunk" of this money...AHAHAHAHAHA!

can't tell which I like better, with or without the shirt over his head...I think I prefer over.

do the make them in "black peoples"???

Just an awesome Way .. of keep screaming! Nice one!

Who's this skinny douchebag? He couldn't do the truffle shuffle if he tried for a hundred years. EAT A SANDWICH ASSHOLE

Oh good lord...that (girl?) should keep the shirt up...permanently.

Wait...this is a guy....

Damn...him too, might as well.

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@23 Fuck off and take your shitty advertising with you.

Now I do wonder if I could fit my fist through Jeff Cohen's cake hole.

You guys are all blind. This guy's hot.

Srsly, that guy is hot.

You guys are just jealous because pretty men get all the chicks. ;D

I went to the website to possibly order one... and they only come in size S and M!! What kind of bullshit is that? That shirt is made for fat guys!

Sold out already? This is a classic! Bring it back only in L-XXL!

How can I buy this??? I Need THIS!!!!

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Hey Guys and Girls, do you know anywhere that I can get this t-shirt, I love it!

Is there a way to get this shirt? Urban outfitters is sold out and I really wanted to get this as a gift for a friend.

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