Jun 11 2010Girlfriend Deletes Boyfriend's Favorite World Of Warcraft Character, Boyfriend Goes Nuts


Note: Video is after the jump because guy beats the shit out of his computer and I don't want your computer to get scared and think you're gonna do the same.

This is a video of some girl deleting her boyfriend's favorite World of Warcraft avatar and then secretly filming his reaction, which just so happens to be, "punch the monitor, then stomp on it". I have no idea if it's real or not, but dude does wail on his monitor pretty good so I'm guessing there's a double homicide waiting to be discovered.

Hit it for the video.

Girlfriend Deletes WOW Characters, Dude Destroys Computer [break]

Thanks to Danielle and Juesh, who would have burned her favorite dress to get back at her. You know, instead of destroying their own computers.

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I'd be pissed too...but I have a life and don't care




I'd be pissed as well, but only money-wise. Money wasted on deleted characters and money wasted on a broken monitor.

Is this anything to do with that crazy girl yelling about her boyfriend? You [Geekologie] had that here...

He needs to go outside.

Enough with these fake 'girlfriend does something to boyfriend and he gets mad' videos.

That bitch deserves some domestic violence.

I would actually hit her. I don't hit girls, but if some stupid fat cow did this after I spent hours... I'd seriously whoop her into a coma!

Sadly... if he'd just of e-mailed blizzard... Might have taken them a bit but they can undelete accounts... Now he has to buy a new monitor :). Moron

God damn Jack Johnson & his shitty ads.....

stupid idiot is stupid for:

-dating a girl that doesn't understand wow addiction
-destroying a flat screen for doing its job or somethin
-not pulling a 'van der sloot' on the girl after discovering what she'd done


Looks like he doesn't know that you can just email Blizzard to get your characters back... oh well!!!

Nice tattoo though.

P.S.: If you want to punch your computer, at LEAST to de SHUUUUURIOUKEN!!!

FAKE! The shadows are all wrong.

dude totally bangs guys anyways

I would beat that bitches aaaaaaaaaaaaaaass

@#8 & #9, time to get your priorities straight...


watching that was... painful


I love how she deletes all but one. Most likely hers lol

WOW sucks

How many times does somebody have to point out that this video is FAKE before you morons get it through your head that its NOT REAL?

Alliance Fag. Desevred it.

Anyways, he prolly needs to go outside regardless. WoW is so 4 years ago.

Literally everyone involved here justifies Armageddon including him, her, you, myself and the advertisers who were able to get rights to this to precede this fakery with a family of white people rapping. SHame.

kind of questionable that there is another monitor in the background...

wow this is grate

send me dirty questions nerds


Yeah... this kind of stuff happens all the time when people get their accounts hacked. Blizzard will restore all the characters and items they had.

Fake video is fake.

Notice how all these type of videos have "all he does".

"All he does" is wish you would shut the fuck up and make him a sandwich!

Thanks GW for continuing to make these kind of videos viral

Good for her. That guy is a straight-up junkie.

hahahahahahahaha I have friends who play WOW constantly and I know they'd be livid if this happened...but I'd just laugh at a life wasted

I calling FAKE on this... I mean, yeah sure punching the monitor and acting like a complete bitch was real... but having someone delete your WOW toon is easily reversible... just open a ticket or call Blizzard and they can just restore everything.

Haha! Freak! Maybe in a few months time he'll realise that she's done him a MASSIVE favour...

Most likely fake.

@24 exactly..


@19 fake daisy is fake /sigh.

I want to say fake, but I've seen fights like this before in real life so I'm not so sure. Probably the most realistic girlfriend rage video I've yet to see.

That's what you get for telling your girlfriend your password.

I'm so bored with these fake arsed attention whores and their staged tantrums.

Trouble is theres thousands of suckers that fall for it and that just makes more losers do the same type of shit.

I did watch the video, I couldn't get past the Jack Johnston commercial that came on first. started vomiting uncontrollably.

Fake. Anyone knows that accounts get hacked all the time, so you open a ticket and get your stuff back. Easy. Also, as long as you open a ticket, character deletion can be fixed within a certain period of time. That monitor, however, is f*cked. I'm also going to say that that second monitor belongs to the girls' computer and that she plays as well.


It would've been cooler if he tried to jam the monitor up his ass...
thats the only way to truly show anger..

LOL... you see girls thats what you get when you date a gamer.

Pretty sure she created all the evidence right there he'd need to avoid murder 1

She should have finished the video by hitting him in the back of the head with a baseball bat. When the fuck are people going to start reading again? Everyone who plays Wow should be beaten severely. I have played Wow, if you pay for it you are a tard and if it comes in conflict with your life and you choose Wow you should be banned from procreation. My kids should not have to endure what your children will become! Wow is not an Addiction, it is a snapshot of why humans will die out. No props to the Girlfriend because she new better than to date a Wowtard.

While I believe some anger is to be expected, and if even justified.

Destroying something valuable is utterly retarded simply because some data was deleted.

That said, his girlfriend is a total bitch.

the monitor was INNOCENT!!! =*[

Who cares? You can retrieve Characters and accounts. IF that actually happened, dump the c-unt, and get your shit back. This fake GF does etc.. crap is just getting retarded.

I agree with Daist. It's fake, the shadow are all wrong.

Any guy who actually agrees with that reaction should never be allowed to see a real life naked women EVER. Get a REAL life.

Maybe the guy needs to give some attention to her magic hole and she'd cool out. Otherwise he should do it right and don't have any real friends or girlfriends.


I really don't understand why you feel it necessary to explain why the video is after the jump every time. We're not retarded. We know you need it for ad and click revenue purposes and to turn more of a profit on what you create.

And frankly, the people who bitch about it are assholes who aren't looking to support you anyway.

Not to mention I haven't chuckled at a single explanation you've come up with and they always seem like a pretty sad attempt at justification by way of humor.

Just say something like "As always, video after the jump".

Your explanation sentences never do anything to add to the content of what's there and I feel like I've wasted my time by reading them.

I agree with Stella. WoW was like, back when I was in high school .. 4 years ago. Maybe even longer... That guy has ISSUES!!!! and honestly, if he gets THAT pissed over a damned game .. he better not have kids, that's all I'm saying.

I agree with Stella. WoW was like, back when I was in high school .. 4 years ago. Maybe even longer... That guy has ISSUES!!!! and honestly, if he gets THAT pissed over a damned game .. he better not have kids, that's all I'm saying.

I agree with Stella. WoW was like, back when I was in high school .. 4 years ago. Maybe even longer... That guy has ISSUES!!!! and honestly, if he gets THAT pissed over a damned game .. he better not have kids, that's all I'm saying.

Here's the thing. Girlfriend has some serious communication issues. Talk to Boyfriend and let him know what's going on inside your head. If he doesn't respect that, and you can't come to any kind of mutually beneficial compromise, then it's clear that you shouldn't be together. Passive-aggressive bullshit is just stupid and makes women look bad. Grow a pair, lady.

And Boyfriend there has some serious anger management issues. Something doesn't go your way and the first reaction is to hit it? And then smash it to bits? Therapy, brother.

Fake video or not, it's still sad.

Also? What Kyle said. The video explanation fails are getting old.

I like how the guy's reaction is to destroy his computer. Most sensible people would be confused, assume their was a blip on Blizzard's end and proceed to contact technical support. In that event, Blizzard would restore the character, no harm no foul.

Folks, you've just witnessed a moment in de-evolution - if it's the real thing that is.

sigh* so many people take it out on the screen

The only thing that's unbelievable is that the guy has a girlfriend.

Wow, thats not funny. I try my hardest to not get addicted to shit like crack or Wow. Still all that time and shit for nothing... Just because she has an obsessive need. Truth be told he probably does take her out, just doesn't lavish her in gifts. Fucking chicks. Kill her, only way i see this shit going down. Death.

I've pulled that one before... the gf stunt not the retarded "OMFG WOW IS MY LIFE" idiot.

I'm kinda tired of people assuming that everyone that plays WoW is completely obsessed with the game and stays inside the house 24-7. I play WoW, have a level 80 and raid on occasion. I have a girlfriend, a job, and hang out my friends every day I am not working. And yeah, getting to 80 takes a lot of work and time and his gear looks decent, although I can't tell from the video quality. I would be pretty upset as well.

Well, she no longer has:

a) a boyfriend.

b) possibly her health, or life.

Fake. You don't get girls when you play WoW.

lol, i don't care if it's fake. still funny. he either shouldn't give his password to his gf or should get a gf who plays wow with her own account so she has something to do while you're playing wow lol. what a great relationship, back to back playing video games. i definitely see where she's coming from.

that's very LOL !!

Maybe she could take him shopping to make him feel better. HAHAHAHA

world of warcraft is f*cking gay

If this is fake, its a form of trolling. Naas, you just lost respect for that comment about van der sloot, that case is not funny.

No one notices the real problem in this video - the guy was going to smoke at his computer. Do you have any idea what the inside of a computer that is in a smoker environment looks like? Not to mention the smell. Yikes, take it outside man... but I guess if he was willing to smash a monitor for a video he either has money to burn or doesn't care about his electronics.

it's from BREAK, of course it's fake. That whole site is a piece of crap.

Not so sure the monitor is dead. If it's a Dell (read: HELL) monitor, it may have actually survived. I've been banging away at mine (read: literally hitting it with my fists) to get it to flick back on. It goes blank on me every 5 - 10 mins. VERY AGGRAVATING, especially when watching p0rn.

Good for her. Even if it is fake. Fuck WoW.

faggots everyhwere

@ Val - this is exactly what I was thinking.
If you can't communicate with him and can't reach some sort of compromise then what are you doing with him? Dispite the things she deleted being virtual they are still his property and represent hours of work and monthly subscriptions.

This guy - whether this is fake or not - if he thinks this is a normal reaction what does that say about men in general? Are guys really this stupid and violent?

Oh wait yes they are. Never mind.

Videos not working for me. Don't really, because it's most likely staged and very homosexual.

@ 53. Kyle - June 11, 2010 1:16 PM
I really don't understand why you feel it necessary to explain why the video is after the jump every time. We're not retarded.
Because those of us who have read Geekologie for long enough know it's part of the GW's lovely, lovely charm. Insulting his readers is just part of his Bond-esque mystique.

@ GW - /call me./


@77. Elisha

I'm sorry but in all that text and thoughtfulness, you seem to have forgotten to get the fuck in the Kitchen and make me a sandwich.

@77 then quit with the whining and go munch a rug or two.

Isn't it time he went to WOW Anonymous?

I don't care if its WoW or anything else, he put a lot of time into that shit. I'm surprised he was so calm.

Obviously fake. How could a guy that cares this much about World of Warcraft get a girlfriend in the first place?

FAKE!!!! The shadows are all wrong, this is just like in that movie Never Back Down where Max learns kung fu from a chinese man but still calls it Karate to try and sell more tickets

I hope this is fake, if it isn't both of them are absolute 'tards.

He's an idiot for wasting his life playing WoW and busting up his monitor, and she's and idiot for being with the chain-smoking, WoW-playing, tribal-tat sporting douche, and for deleting his characters when she'd be better off leaving him.

And nothing of actual value was lost.

Just think, he might be managing a 7 Eleven one day...

I was expecting more out of this. It was a let-down. Not much happened. White trash.

Looks like a FAKE.

He did not even say the F___ word, for a better broadcast on the media.

And smashing the monitor.

Poor bastard.

... so dont date a WoW nerd and this wouldnt be a problrem

2 things
1. thats acted coz the music still plays after he smashes the damn thing!!!
2. he can contact blizz and get his chars back so it doesent matter!!! : P

Lol wat?

You realize the monitor has nothing to do with the actual PC Case and its contents sitting on the floor nor the speakers, right?

I dont really care if you guys reply to this or not, i wont be back to read it lol but Im saying
"FUCKING WHORE" you have no right if you dont know you will marry that guy. you would probably just break up in 2 fucking weeks anyways plyus you can call blizzard and get it back dumb bitch

@46-Yes because WoW geeks are totally glued to their computers 24/7 and have aboslutely NOOO life outside of it./sarcasm. The fact that you think WoW players are going to be the end of the human race because we AREN'T procreating means you pay absolutely no attention to what goes on in the real world. Most of the geeks I know, whether they play WoW or not don't really want kids. The people who do procreate seem to think it's their job to have as many freaking kids as possible. IE the Duggars, "Octomom"...ECT.

I do not think people who tend to have a higher intelligence than average will be the end of the human race because they don't want kids. Rather the opposite, people who are of below avg intelligence will end us because they keep shatting out kids and don't know when to say enough is enough.

ok so i hate most of everyone opinions so far on this vid but realy yes it is normal to get pissed when something game related either gets deleted or losing like of the nature iv broken 2 guitar hero controlers like 6 game boys of different type stabed my psp in the screen and then demolished it also punched my laptop monitor thrown the controler on a bunch of different game systems all im saying is when u lose something by either not winning or by it actualy being gone u get pissed it dosnt matter if is game related at all what if it ladys was ur wedding ring or something and someone stole it ud be pissed so do talk crap about ppl getting mad over a game we spend alot of time and effort on games and its upsetting to not win or to lose saved data and no i dont play wow and probably wouldnt it takes too much time but some ppl like that and yes u can have a gf and be a gamer its not that hard its actualy becoming the new thing also im guessing it was real and that the gf knew that you could contact blizzard and get it back and knew he didnt know that and that was the point of the video im sure she didnt expect him to demolish the monitor lol but it happens and i bet they are still together and he fells like a dumb ass now for destroying the monitor i know i always do when i destroy something and then have to buy it again it fing sucks lol


@96 yes how right u are

Ya know what? GOOD FOR HER. You guys are dumber than shit, playing this stupid game NON STOP. Get a life.

Fake - No one hangs out in Stormwind anymore

Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at an age gap dating site [A_g_e_m_i_n_g_l_e @ c.//o.//m]---a nice and free place for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends

That's just dirty. Some people make a killing playing Wow and what if that's what this guy did. I mean the chances are pretty low of that seeing as how he didn't have shit for characters but still...if he was than she screwed herself out of money...but she'll be dead in a few days. Cuz Wow players a fuckin' crazy.

@ Geekologie that's called a Monitor, it shows pictures. Not a computer. Moron.


You know, she could have just powered down the computer and hid the power cable. She didn't have to delete his shit. There are better ways around stopping someone from doing something other than deleting shit that someone has worked hard on. It's too bad, really...even if you hate video games you should never fuck with someones personal shit.

Hehe, my guess... fake, private server ^^

It's pretty hilarious to me how the music keeps playing calmly, uninterrupted, from the speakers while he's trashing the monitor.

LOL the guy can contact support and get them undeleted no problem. So either fake or he's an idiot.

my heart dropped when she deleted his gear haha. yea you can undelete all your stuff and i deff would not have broken my monitor.

what makes these bitches think they can do that to other peoples property? id like to see a guy take apart his bitches hair dryer and smash the pieces cause she uses IT too much.

its fake.....otherwise this video would have been 10 mins of sheer destruction

@43- Lol! I still don't understand the kid's logic on that one.

Its sad to you hear the people who would "Punch that bitch" really people? its a fricken game if someone ever did that to me i wouldn't really care.. i'd start over.. and yes i played wow for 3 years and yea i know how its like but whoopie?! i would care if my account got hacked and got fucked... i quit along time ago.. and btw you can get all your characters back my emailing blizzard to complain to them.. they love complainers...

lol.. just ticket a GM, get all your stuff back. easyyy

what an idiot... i would have just opened a ticket to a GM

@9: Really? You don't hit girls? But the thing to put you over the edge is a fucking WoW character? You're a complete prat. End of story.


Anyway you can get your characters back if they have been deleted like that.

Girls a bitch, how would she feel if he took all her shoes away while she wasn't looking and burnt them.

Not happy i'd bet.

Fake. Those are premade PTR toons. Nice try internet.

Premade PTR toons? I am pretty sure that says Bonechewer PVP in the top corner there. Also the character that was not deleted, its name is NECROPHORE. Which is a 72 lock on bonechewer PVP. Check the wow armory and you will see it is the same character. Vid is very much real.

Give it up the closest the WOW people ever come to a girl friend is playing a Night Elf.

Delete some of your WOW accounts and buy a hooker before your testicles fall off from disuse.

The thing is thats not her property to be messing with.
I'll just go delete her bank accounts. yeah because she spends so much time checking them.

The bitch must be destroyed by stuffing her body with rusty nails and then put her in the MRI, that would be a beautiful sight to see *tear*.

but no that guy has issues understandable though since he put so much time in his game but he is also an idiot just email blizzard and you have everything back + a dead body in the back of your trunk.

soooo any missing people reports in that area?

I would have done what he did to his monitor to her face.

WoW is srs bsns.

hahahaha too bad he didn't he even break the computer.

thats what you get for playing WoW

He didn't have to break a monitor; at all.

HAHA! he deserved it.

He should have had more sex and less wow wank.

btw: fake

all I can say is WOW! seriously, we do those kind of things because we love you. Otherwise we wouldnt even care. its good for you! believe me! what a dumbass how could he punch the monitor in that way, man! and.. you do realize that the game is not actually inside the screen.. right?

oh! btw, real life is not inside your computer but outside your room

There's no way that's fake, it takes several months just to get ONE character to the point he was at, and he had maybe four. A person wouldn't go through all that effort just to make a video 3 minute video, nor would they destroy their computer like that.

Don't denounce as fake just because there are alot of other fake videos like that.

WOW is not evil and the end of the world it's the player that determines how evil it is and whether or not it will take your soul. In other words it a conscientious choice. Everyone here is so over dramatic. Yeah the guys tempermental little piece of shit, and yeah she had no right to do what she did but the comments. Like first the rants from some of the woman, I'm sorry but if you don't understand what it's like to lose all that data than you have no right to say what you say. And the guys that say they'd hit her or dump her, if you have a complication in your relationship this bad and you don't talk about it every relationship you have is already over. Never mind the fact that if a game is more important than a woman well your only option is to be a queer cause no self-respecting woman will date you.And thirdly f you man I want kids and you have the audacity to say that some like me is below intelligence.

sweet tribal bro...

@96 are you serious? So you are saying you and your "geek" friends aren't interested in sex? How old are you all anyway, because I guarantee once you kids grow up you will think a little differently about having kids.

he deserves it.

once: BEING A COMPLETE IMPOTENT and not satisfying the woman.
twice: being plain stupid and using a password that the woman knows.

LOL. now go get another monitor fag.

That's what he gets for being a dirty smoker.

i wanna see the aftermath...

Fake. I woudl be mad as well, but I would remember that characters can be recovered fairly easily now..... big phat meh

This comic is relevant to this article and "safe for work".

Click me for the comic.

Ooop. Forgot the link. Here it be!


PS: For the Horde!

Fake video or not, just goes to show what can happen if you mess with someones stuff. As a female, I would never do this to my bf. I don't play WoW, but I do play games where I have spent many hours playing and if my bf deleted all my stuff I would likely have the same reaction.

Guess what.
I'm a girl, I play WoW, and if someone ever did that to me, I would fucking slaughter them.
Then contact Blizzard and demand that they reset my characters with all items intact.

i love you K. Lowe!

I don't even play WoW, but if some chick I was dating took it upon herself to delete a game I had not only invested tons of money into but time as well, because she was to much of a passive aggressive bitch to just talk to me.... Then my monitor would be fine, but her face wouldn't

Fake. Simply on principle alone. The words "girlfriend" and "your (as in male) World of Warcraft account" do not exist in the same sentence. Well, not to the degree that these videos exist. About as legit as those google street-view shots.

That's what he gets for playing a male draenei LOL


You guys are fucking retarded...You make it sound like EVERYONE raids everyday. every night, all night. She said. "He think he'll be raiding all night..." I don't know about you, but I've never seen a guild do nothing but raid in any MMO...He probably takes two nights out of the week to raid for maybe 3-5hours. the girlfriend is a bitch.

-And don't give me that "He had 3 80's lol he does nothing" The games been out for fucking ever. It's not hard to level up.

A DRESS? Is not nearly worth as much as the TIME he must've spent on gearing, lvling and raiding those toons.Unless her dress was worth more than a $1,000 which I doubt. Anyway, I hope Blizz returned his stuff.

Naah... he is Aliance, so its okay XD

LOL @ Him being barefoot

Months of grinding, paying money to Blizzard and spending time in front of a computer monitor (now destroyed) because some skank can't handle her boyfriend spending time on something besides her (and why the hell is she still with him if he is that bad?) or give him incentive to pay more attention to her?

If it was me I would simply have messaged a GM to find out if it can be undone, and then I would've told little miss prissy to get the $#@% out of my life.

He has anger issues.

Anyone with half a brain would have known it was the girlfriend and not the computer. What she did was spiteful, petty and retarded. If she is, quote, "is sick of it"... then do the right thing...forgive him and then leave.

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