Game Over, Man!: Predator/Duck Hunt Mashup

June 5, 2010


Note: Animated gif is after the jump because, I don't know if you can tell or not, but this one ain't moving.

Haha, what do you mean that's an Aliens quote? WELL MAYBE IF THERE WASN'T AN ALIENS VS. PREDATOR FRANCHISE I WOULDN'T GET SO CONFUSED. Psyche, you know I still would -- because I'm stupid. Like your face. Reverse burn, no return fire! (yelled like punch-buggy, no punch-backs). Hit the jump for the animated gif, or don't if you're good at predicting things and already know what's gonna happen. And if that's the case -- I wanna know how I'm gonna die. *please don't say drowning, please don't say drowning* F***! In my own urine?!


Clever: Predator Duck Hunt Mashup [greatwhitesnark]

Thanks to Kristy, who once put her light-gun through the television trying to take out that annoying bastard.

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