Jun 14 2010*facepalm* A Hello Kitty Ferrari 360 Modena


This is a Ferrari 360 Modena spotted somewhere in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you can't tell, the owner really loves Hello Kitty. Also, ruining luxury cars. Seriously, that interior looks like straight up cat diarrhea.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the you oughta be ashamed.







Hello Kitsch: Ferrari 360 Owner Takes 'Hello Kitty' Love to Nauseating Extremes [carscoop]

Thanks to Peterman, who used to have a Domo Lamborghini until yours truly somebody that's 100% not me joyrode it into a lake.

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I hate stupid people with a lot of money... just sayin

i think the rich bitch got it made into an automatic.... or somethin
i don't see a shifter, or a clutch!

I have never wished to see a Ferrari burned to the ground until now.

WHYYYY? If you can't appreciate it's natural beauty then don't buy it.

It's freakin' awesome!! HATERS!!!

Wow, what a horrible way to ruin a sportscar...... ferrari must be pissed

hello kitty, goodbye pride

Love the Goaste exhast pipes

#2 you don't see the flappy paddles?

this is so old.. wait till u see the owner's photo. She's a lawyer!!

or is it goatse? I'm not sure

Poor car :(

The steering wheel is on the wrong side.

This should be a crime. A guy would never, ever do this to a Ferrari. We'd pick up high end escort girls in it, we'd tear up the autobahn in it, and then drive that baby really, really slow through the streets of Maimi. Sure we'd eventually wrap it around a tree, but I'd rather see a smashed Ferrari than the Hello Kittie vomit I see infecting this fine automobile. It's disgraceful, arrest that woman.

*Miami* sorry for the typo.


that means the steering wheel is on the wrong side for the rest of the world, other than yours. just like how 'world cup' is not a big deal too.


All Ferrari's come with an automatic paddle shift kit.

The exterior looks really nice, I especially like the exhaust and that candy coated paint... that is definitely not a factory colour.

The interior, on the other hand ... I can't decide whether it's perfect or just a disaster. I have respect for the engineers at Ferrari but to be honest, not any other portion of the company. Ferrari owners and executives are as smug as they come, I can say that with a high degree of certainty (that I'll never actually meet anyone who might be insulted by it.)

Of course what I mean to say is... the interior is perfect.


@15, by rest of world do you mean Britannia and her colonies? Kind of thinking that the majority of the world cup loving world (Continental Europe, South America, most of Africa) are all right drive. Japan is left drive, but that doesn't count since they f up Ferrari's with Hello Kitty crap.

Remember kids: Money can't buy you class.

but it can buy you a perfectly good ferrari to fuck up

Its no longer a Ferrai, I say we should get this car crushed and have the driver's license revoked.

You mean to say there's countries other than America out there? And what is this Cup of the World you speak of?

This is the tackiest BS i've ever seen. What a great way to ruin such a beautiful automobile. And this may have been addressed already but I'm pretty sure this model has a paddle gear box void of a more traditional manual transmission.

to #13... Girls who truly enjoy the beauty of finer cars, and aren't just showing off the amount of money they have, wouldn't ruin a beautiful cherry red Ferrari with a shit load of hello kitty products. I sure as hell wouldn't. If she likes Hello Kitty so much, make your office/home look like crap... leave the car alone!!

Ferrari should run some sort of background check before they sell their cars.

Didnt even have the common courtesy to change the license plate

...at least it wasn't a bugatti.

im gonna be fucking sick

fucking butchered
what the owner of this car doesn't realise is that by modding it as they have, they have exempted themselves from any civil rights they would usually be entitled to.
yes, it is legal to murder them

The bitch that owns that must be fuckin hot! (How else would she be that rich?)

@16 then what about the clutch?
i can't believe Ferrari would even make an automatic.
i would refuse on principal alone!
.... just sayin

Ferrari will make you an automatic. They will do anything as long as you pay for it.

Wow! Indonesia. Where the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer every day. I bet this belongs to a 13 year old girl.

@12 the steering wheel is not in the wrong side... it means that the car is a "right-hand drive"... don't give a comment if u don't know what u are talking about...

another thing, don't be too narrow-minded.. it's her personality, so be it. You have your favorite stuff, and she got hers.


There's so much going on in this thread, normally the internet doesn't get to me but I just feel like correcting everyone for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm a nerd of many times but I am a car geek first and foremost.

"Ferrari should run some sort of background check before they sell their cars."

They do. In fact, for their rarest cars, they invite you to purchase it, you are literally selected, and for the rarest-er car (the FXX) you give them money to basically drive it around a track every once in a while, as their computers jot down some figures with dollar signs next to them. Maybe they sold this one to the inventor of hello kitty, or since it's a 360 which went out of production years ago, the likelier story is that it was purchased second hand.

"...at least it wasn't a bugatti."

Bugatti wouldn't give a shit. The Veyron has more fancy pants limited edition models per total production run than ... well, most. And they all have similar names for some reason. In fact, I bet if you told Bugatti you were going to hello kitty the crap out of your car, they'd offer to help, and give you some custom hello kitty shaped rims with whisker spokes... that's an awesome idea actually.

"i can't believe Ferrari would even make an automatic."

You must still live in the 1980s, though I suspect you weren't even born until the 90s. *deep breath* The new 458 italia isn't even offered with a stick shift, I'm pretty sure it's a dual clutch 7 speed sequential but I'm not gonna look it up until after I post this, if I'm wrong I'll correct myself. Manual transmissions are exceptionally rare among supercars these days, the engineers claim they can shave a couple hundredths of a second off your lap times if you let them change the gears for you. The F430 (successor to the hello kitty in question, predecessor to the 458) sold 10% or less with the manual, to give you an idea of how much Ferrari owners care, if you're interested.

As promised I researched my bold claims and I don't really have any corrections except for that 10% right at the end. The F430 scuderia (read: fast edition) wasn't even offered with an old school manual and as for the ordinary one the number might be closer to 25%, so overall I might have been right if you take both models into account but the sales figures aren't worth looking up since none of you care anyway and I'd only make myself look like more of an asshole if I had any more figures to talk about. Thanks for listening!

This is an abomination.


Can't believe no one acknowledged your "goatse" comment... HILARIOUS!!!!

what the F U C K ? ? ! ?

A lawyer huh? Somone check real quick, did she get the proper licensing to use Hello Kitty's image in this way? No? Quick somone tell Hello Kitty's people so they can repossess this abomination & hide it away or destroy it... lol

@31. You know shit about Ferrari's. Its called semi auto, driver selects gears and the computer operates the clutch. Most super cars are configured this way as
It increases shifting performance. All F1 cars have been using this since the mid 90's so its not something inferior.

@ 36 and 37

Finally someone on the internet with REAL FACTS

@ 36 & 37: TL;DR. And no one cares.

@36,37 its really refreshing that someone actually know what the fuck they are talking about and thats true bugatti can give a rats ass what you do with their cars as long as you pay them. As the the steering wheel which everyone is bitching about there are other countries outside of the united states and they steering wheel on the right hand side is the standard.

My GF loves Hello Kitty. So she's getting this for her birthday.

You know what they say. If you really love a girl, get her expensive things.

@45 agreed. But what did you expect, this isn't exactly jalopnik.

The exterior doesn't look that bad.

I bet the girl of this car loves getting deep dicked up the ass. I bet she's some girl who has 90% of her body redone with plastic surgery. And I know for sure she takes it on the face too.

Thank you #39.
it's nice to be acknowledged

Someone needs to disperse this to every Ferrari owners club so that they can find out which shops did the work and shatter their reputation. Nobody should do this for any amount of money, and I'm sure she's not competent enough to do it herself.

@48 you're totally wrong! I can show you the picture of the owner if you want. I doubt that she had any plastic done on her.. *LOL*

http://bit.ly/9dZ8Fa is the pic of the owner. She's a lawyer for a local artist

It’s not automatic per se. Rather, it’s a semi automatic transmission that is a clutchless manual transmission that uses paddles on the side of the steering wheel. Some have settings where they will go full auto if you want. They have been around for over 10 years now. They are faster and more efficient than clutch pedal transmissions.

You all would still drive it.

Rather have an F430, but yea I'd drive it. 400 HP @ 8500 rpm 3.9 sec to 60 mph means you can out run all the ppl trying to fag-drag-you.

I love the outside of the car, but the inside? The inside just looks really thrown together, like they tried to pick out the tackiest HK stuff to put up. Sure, it is cute but it doesn't match. Now if the outside had been a VW bug, the inside decor would have been very cute & well matched.

There *is* HK merchandise out there that would have suited the car far better than this. Something like this would have suited the seats far better, giving the whole inside a sleeker look, not to mention making it appear far less cluttered:


Heck, they even make it in bright red if the person wanted to stay with the bright color scheme.

*drools* Lucky bitch.

ewwww ! straight to the "litter box" with this ugly kitty crap. :P


I would like one of those and an Unicorn please.

God Damn It.

I hope He really does.

It's like mixing wasabi and Dom Perignon. Peeew.

gimme now


You're an idiot.

Wow that is such an amazing car! you must really really love hello kitty to do that to it.

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