Jun 28 2010Burn, Baby, BUUUUUUUURN!: Setting An iPhone On Fire With A Giant Magnifying Glass


Setting things on fire: it's what separates man from lesser forms of life like fish and children. And what better way to celebrate humanity than setting an old iPhone ablaze with a giant magnifying glass (actually a Fresnel lens)? I can't think of any. Also, I would have huffed every last wisp of those tasty looking fumes. Then, oh I don't know, DECIMATED THE NEIGHBORHOOD'S ANT POPULATION! Oooooor set my penis on fire pretending it was a death ray (it's happened before is the thing).

Hit it for the fire in the iHole.

Trading up? Melt your old iPhone with a real-life DEATH RAY [dvice]

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Reader Comments

All these destroy Iphone videos are pretty dumb..not to mention old.


This site is definitely not running out of material!

crap crap crap no first for me D:

EDC!!! 2010 WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE ((: !!!!!!!!

I think this is a LOT cooler than "look at my awesome Avatar tattoos!" type posts. Even if it is an old, worthless 1st generation iPhone, setting shit on fire with giant lenses is fucking cool.

Another day, another iphone destruction video. You know what? It's getting old.

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They take the burning with a magnifying glass shit seriously huh?
I was expecting to see some boy scouts ant burners doing the Iphone not a whole structure lol!

nothing like a spambot comment in geekologie posts...
-1 for creativity

iSmoke...Don't breathe this.

Children can burn things too. Inferior beings as they are.

...and then the music stopped... u_u

The shadows are all....right!!!! ITS NOT A FAKE OMGOMGOMG too bad its just a shitty old Iphone I love you GW but im pretty sure you must have been drunk and fighting robots to have to have used this ass a last resort filler.

Android FTW ;)

Thanks dude, we now can all enjoy breathing the toxic smoke.

Whatever happened to that Daisy whore that screamed fake at everything with the shitty obsession with the film never back down? that bitch wound me up

old news is old. old iphone is old = fail. they where supposed to burn a new iPhone 4

Screw the iphone. i want the death ray!

yea i miss daisy too

I'd tap that.


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I would have played "Disco inferno"

Burn baby burn.......

Ohhh how you make me happy GW with all those Apple destroying video!

Stop, drop and roll!!!!!!!!!

...the phone is gone, burn baby burn, the phone has gone away...

I love how he starts coughing.... wonder what that could be from...

Holy crap people, stop whining

too bad its not actually a real iphone its a fake double he switched out when he first put it on the stick

Lol.. i remember seing this. The song he is playing while he burns in is by Sunny periot :P i love that song

Decision to decisions are made and not bought, but I though this wouldnt hurt alot...I guess not

I want that maginfying glass

@29 I thought and laughed at the same thing.

Ah you silly Apple lovers getting all butthurt over a Iphone being vaporized into dust AH something i'd love to see everyday... OR WE COULD BLEND?! IT no.. maybe we should shoot it with a RAIL GUN! yea that would be flippin awesome right!?

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:D Aaahh yeeeahh, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! burn 'em all!

Good luck with the cancer after breathing that stuff.

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