May 18 2010ZOMGOGGLES!: All LEGO Pac-Man Arcade


This is a tabletop Pac-Man game made entirely out of LEGO blocks. Except for the electronics, those were made from sugar and spice and everything nice. Or are they snips and snails and puppy dog tails?? Neither moron, they're metal and plastic.

Aside from the obvious electronics, everything is LEGO. It uses a Jamma 48-1 board to play a variety of 80's arcade game including Pac-Man, Donky Kong, Space Invaders and many more.

No LEGO pieces were cut or altered to make this.

I'm not even gonna lie, I'm impressed. And I'm not just saying that because I plan on smashing the back out and stealing all the quarters, but I'm not standing here with a hammer just because it looks good. It really does though. Go on, take a picture. That'll be $5. I HAVE A HAMMER.

Hit the jump for a couple shots of the innards and a video of the impressiveness in action.



Table Top 80s Arcade Game - Made entirely of LEGO [bigbenbricks]

Thanks to Mack, who made a LEGO Street Fighter II machine but tore the bitch to pieces when he couldn't beat M. Bison.

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Reader Comments

I demand one in my house.

Que miss lego pirates.,

Oh SNAP!!!!!
..... just sayin

Metal and plastic and all things fantastic.

nice, this is sure to bring more women over & increases joystick use.

I also didn't see MAME mentioned anywhere for the gameplay but I'm guessing that's what is being used(?) MAME is the shit

Man i would so take a shit in this.

Donkey Kong on a Pac-Man machine?

What the fuck? #6 sounds like me, but it's not... I have a fucking troll now?

Does that mean that I "made" it in the geekologie world?

Man, I would love the instructions to make this, this is EPIC!!!!

seconded @ 7

The joystick handle is neither electronic nor made of legos. Just sayin...

Yo GW, did you ask them why the display has Donkey Kong on it since it's supposed to be a Pac Man game?

It's 'Donkey' Kong, not 'Donky Kong.'

@5 - You're spot on. I love MAME the same way McBeef loves to take shits on things.

@8 is there such a thing as 'making it' in the geekologie world? making out maybe, but making it, in, on & around probably wont get you a badge at geekologiecon two thousand and never. Daisy might be the only exception

@13 nice mrs simpson, I also love mame..... Thanks to mame I have a huge pile of quarters on the floor that I'm soon going to go take a shit on

I want a picture of the GW with a hammer, I would pay to see that.,
I I wasn't so cheap

Or poor,


I'd buy this kit but not the McBeef Edition.

This is a Jamma 48-1 board not MAME. It says it clearly in the article.

@17 thanks for the pointer, didn't see that... I just thought it was mame because mame is so great

Hope i can get one soon!

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