May 5 2010You've Gotta Be Kidding Me: A Dating Site Exclusively For Apple Fanboys (And Girls)


Cupidtino is a new dating website launching next month exclusively for Apple fanboys and girls. Because who needs 29 dimensions of compatibility when you both use a mouse with one button?

Cupidtino is a beautiful new dating site created for fans of Apple products by fans of Apple products! Why? Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common - personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and of course a love for technology. We believe these are enough reasons for two people to meet and fall in love, and so we created the first Mac-inspired dating site to help you find other Machearts around you.

So honestly, how many of you guys are gonna give it a go? Let me get a show of hands. And while we're at it, genitals. Oh. WOW. Please tell me those things grow. You guys are gonna drive your dates straight to PCs!

Official Site

Thanks to Greg, I'm a Mac and you're a PC, Erin and rodger, who still find dates the old fashioned way: the classifieds. Great for used farm equipment too.

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NOT ONLY THAT... Cupidtino ?! W T F

Their sons will be the ugliest things on earth

Seriously. Just no.

Made for iFags.

Finally, I was having touble distinguishing other creative individuals like myself for romantic pursuit.

GW, as regards to that last paragraph, you win

I met a plastic inflatable Steve doll on your site, and now he's my best friend.
Thanks Cupidtino!

i finally submit a news thing to Geekologie and i don't even get credited!
i may boycott the site.

or not.

probably gonna go w/ the 'or not'.

More like STupidtino! Har har har har!!!!

... Just sayin ....

Look, I like my apple and iphone as much as the next apple owner, but I also have two PC's. Besides, if I didn't have PC's what hardware would I have to curse at and constantly have to work on? (and play all my old adventure games on) But, I have to say, this is a bit much. Why can't they go to a regular anti-social oriented dating site? Or play more WOW?

Hah, I got dumped in WoW, the guy I was seeing IRL was also my guild raid leader. The end came after a huge fight at his apartment over the fact that I got /gkicked for another Druid with full tier 3 when I only had the helm and braces.

...You know, maybe I really SHOULD go outside more........

Ok, so, I'm an apple fanboy, bought an totally world rocking iPad for 500 dollars, and also the lamer wi-fi version just to have it a few weeks before. Even now I went to starbucks with my macbook pro, the awful tower, the thin air and didn't get any chick, just more faggots, all stylish but men nevertheless.

Fun fact! You can check the user OS via PHP, ok im gonna make a datting site, fill it with 250k versions of my profile and let it ther for the chicks to come.

Apple win.


You mean they're breeding!!!.... God help us all..

@12 Plain sad Lady! Callme, for break-up I don't raid, I fuck.

So it's a dating site for yuppies who buy into marketing, can't use a computer for shit, and think that a cup of coffee is like, totally worth paying 12 bucks for? At least they choose an appropriate name that is simultaneously stupid and nauseating.

my boyfriend is kind of a douchebag but hes pretty, just like my products ^^
i love you piggy <3

Sounds like apple inbreeding

@14 This is just the initial step in Jobs' revolutionary continuous customer breeding program. Give it 3 generations and the offspring will have devolved due to massive inbreeding.



Shouldn't it be iCupid or something? Or perhaps "iAmtoolametogetadatethenormalway" or even "iAmanerd"

A dating site for Apple fans? I thought Apple fans were all about the self-love.

Apple would probably sue if they did anything with an "i" in front of it.

I think they may have some trouble finding straight male apple fans...

It's a website for horny homosexuals with funny hats and expensive coffee that believe everything they see in commercials.

The only thing I hate more than macs..........are mac users.


Macs, although they're not for me, are great for programming. The rest of the iWorld, however, is going to dull the cutting edge.

Whoever running the site is evil. Why make it easier for them to procreate? It should be the other way around.

I thought there were already places for Mac Fanboys and girls to hook up, they're called Starbucks.


How are Mac's better for programming then everything else? I do a lot of code'ing and I'm curious where you're getting that from?

another gay dating site? Really?

If they had a genuine love for technology they wouldn't be using apple crap.



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Fans of Apple products often have a lot in common.

Overly inflated self importance.
Smug demeanour,
Dull fanboi chatter,
Low IQ,
Money > sense

Need I go on?

Everyone's always talking shit about Apple products on here, but I'd say most of you have never used a mac computer for more than a few minutes. They talk shit but have no compelling arguments about why they think PC's are better. Other than the usual "I can build my own PC!" or "Apple's are too expensive!" and "there's more games on PC!" that has nothing to do with how well a product performs or behaves.

Sad, but then again, I always base my relationships with others around product preference...

It just never seems to work out, once they find out why I prefer these various products.

no more need for an ipad then


You must be new to Geekologie. We know how to use a computer here at geekologie and even understand how they work!! Of course we don't use Mac's, that would be silly.


You must not roam around here often. Because we regularly school Mac fans here. See, we understand and often build our own systems around here. So your Mac mind tricks don't work on us. Just to humor you, I'll tell you why we bash Mac's, and I assure you they are all valid....

1. Mac's are expensive, on average they cost twice us much as a windows system from a pre-built manufacturer.

2. Mac's are expensive, on average they cost three times as much as a system you build yourself.

3. Mac's are a closed system. Steve Jobs keeps a tight rein on software development and hardware that will work with a Mac.

4. People who use Mac's claim their OS is superior and innovative. Yet OSX is built from UNIX (unoriginal) and just as insecure. So yes, it is true that Mac's aren't infested with spyware but only because they only make up only 5% of the market or less. YES IT IS TRUE SO STOP DENYING THIS YOU MAC FANS!

5. Often Mac fanbois claim Mac's are used in 3D animation or CGI for TV and movies, sure that was true when Steve Jobs was giving free computers to Pixar in the 90's. The fact of the matter is that today movies and animation is done in Linux arrays or windows systems for some of the simpler stuff. Look up how they did the graphics for Avatar.

6. Mac's are PC's! PC stands for "personal computer", the Argument isn't "Mac vs PC", it should be called "Mac vs Everyone"

7. If I have to watch another commercial by Apple with Justin Long filled with straight out lies, I think I'll throw up (see point 6).

8. Mac's stifle innovation. That's a fact. When was the last time you had a choice to use an AMD CPU in a Mac? How about an ATI video card? Exactly, do we really want to let Steve Jobs decide who can make products in the PC market? Because if we all used Mac's he would have that power and he has shown in the past that he will abuse it for his own profit.

9. Mac's can bootcamp into Windows because they NEED to be able to do so to play games. On a Windows or Linux system you don't NEED to boot into OSX to do stuff.

10. Linux, Unix and Windows systems run this wonderful technological achievement we call the "Internet". Every Mac in the world could instantly vanish and everything would be "business" as usual (except at your local Starbucks). Unfortunately without Windows and Linux servers you couldn't even try and talk trash about your Mac product on this webpage.

#40 hits it on the head perfectly. Put aside performance and cost and you still get left with the most crippling negative there is about Apple products. It's proprietary and exclusive. Read Jobs' open letter regarding Adobe, he makes the case against his products better than anyone else. Macs are quite literally built out of shear arrogance and a disdain for an open market and developmental community.


YOU WIN 10,000,000,000 APPLE POINTS!

seems like most people don't understand where the name "Cupidtino" comes from - that's probably because apple's headquarters is in CUPERTINO, CA

...get where the name came from now?

(I just wanted to explain the name since it seemed a ton of people didn't get it. ...besides, I only got to this article through a link from a friend, but given the attitude of many posters this was the first, and probably also the last, time I'll post here, so have a nice life using whatever type of computer you bloody want to - I don't give a damn.)

I can't wait to meet shallow ladies that spend their life talking about branded purses.

@44 isn't it pretty much every attractive woman nowadays?

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Can lesbians come too?

Any plans to update the latest news.. need more information..

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