May 3 2010Why Scream Into A Pillow When You Can Punch A Sofa?


Italian furniture designer Campeggi had this Rocky inspired sofa on display at the recent Milan Design Show. In case you couldn't tell from the photos because you're super special, the backrest swivels upward to create a punching bag. It's perfect for when I PWN your ass at video games and you get all butt-hurt and need to rage out on something. God knows you're not taking a swing at me! (I'll tear your arm off and shove it so far up your own ass it comes to life and eats your bowels)

Punching Bag Sofa Has Relax and Kick Ass [uberreview]

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A woman being violent? Unheard of!


Perfect for children who cannot control their emotions because their families are too busy with other stuff.


I want

That thing would definitely get a workout here. Had to break up a fight at 10 y/o's birthday party yesterday. This would've been very handy.

Holy monkey fuckballs her leg looks like it's bent at a strange angle in the bottom panel.

wouldn't it get all gross and dirty after a while?

@2 See how dumb you look when you try to be first and fail? Imagine how much worse it would be if you actually had been first!

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I hit her in that position.

World longest shin bone.
Look at the height of couch and then look at her right leg when she's standing behind it. She must have a 3 foot shin bone that or she’s standing on a stool.

Once you see it, you cant unsee it. =p

And if you kick it and punch it wouldnt the sofa just move everytime. Maybe its just for woman cause they cant kick so hard. Or else its really not that usefull.


hahaha. Well said.

Not a couch. A cooch -- with an erection. Hot-dog on a stick.

That's why she's dressed in black. She's a sado-chick, kicking the shit out of any phallus that comes near.

So let me get this straight (leg pun intended), you mean an Italian (of all people) designer decided it was a good idea to make a sofa bed hybrid that instead of addressing aggression on top of rather take agression out out on? I thought the whole bed+aggression thing was done back when sex was invented. That or else you must live in a crampy apartment, say, the kind of apartment you'd get after you just relocated to L.A.?

That thing does not look like something I would want to try and cuddle into and watch a movie.

BTW, good tie in with the eel thing GW. I'm surpirsewd nobody mention it. Don't you read the article guys?

I'd kick that couch's ass... then move on to small defenseless children... and eventually.. dare I say... the erderly.

I meant elderly... those muthafuckas be pissin' me off SON!

Now "F*%K Yo' couch nigga" won't cause so much damage

So in this case, telling her to get off the F#Ing couch and make me a sandwich isn't going to result in her making me a sandwich?

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@10 Ditto

I hope you guys realize that her leg isn't bent. The black blob on the back of the "couch" is actually just the rest that you use to steady the back portion when you bring it back down. With legs that skinny, they snap if she even thought about assuming that position.

I'd tap her in less than 12 parsecs.

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