May 27 2010Shoryuken: Arguably The Most Impressive Sexual Move To Have In Your Arsenal


Note: Video is after the jump and NSFW NSFW NSFW due to 360-degrees of penis plus naked chick with bubble butt.

This is a video of some guy about to have the sexual intercourses with a ladyfriend but decides to throw a couple Street Fighter shoryukens in the air before stumbling into the camera and remaining a virgin after all. Smooth move buddy, and you were this close.

Hit it for the NSFW video.

WTF Shoryuken!? [videolog]

Thanks greg, but I'll be sticking with the pterodactyl. CAW, CAW!

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does his special lady have really stumpy legs? something is not right with that broad.

Long live the robots!

Even though we do not fornicate, we still reproduce.

Sad, sad, sad. At least he'll never spawn.


Damn I bet that got her in the mood... The worse part is that i know one of you Geekologie readers is that man...

I can't load the video..... and after reading @1 - @5 I'm not sure I want to see it now

@7 - you know you wanna

I agree with 2. Must be the camera lens or something, I dunno.


ohh god damn it

@8 yeah I kind of do, you're right. While I have no interest in seeing some dude swing it around the room like cracking an old whip, the build-up to the video does have my curiousity. Still can't load the thing though on neither firefox nor IE, maybe it's just not meant to be seen by these eyes

More like shoryukant.

I luv the way she doesn't even look back to see wtf he's doing like it's normal

...just loaded & saw it.

WTF is the big deal? I do that shit all the time. Here I thought he was going to launch himself off the wall & rocketcrotch her into next week or something.

Ollie Willams, STOMPY, LSDiesel & probably McBeef can all do this except while jumping much higher. I dunno about Dishy or Closet Nerd though, they come across more of the 'naked ground rollers' type than 'naked spin jumpers'

I would jump higher, spin faster, and slap my shit in that stumpy legged girl's butt crack on the way down.

@16 yes you would, I believe it %110. A jumping 360 cocksmack means bonus points also so it's all win

I prefer doing sonic boom

At the first seconds I actually thought he was gonna fistpump her

@15 I agree with you. I act goofy and do naked flips and crap all the time. I actually had to watch it twice cuz I thought I missed something. That was a fail....just sayin

#13 is the winner. You can close the comments now.

Just wait till I do my YogA FLAME!!!

I'd lead into it with the standard jumping fierce to low jab.


I'm gonna try that next time I help my lady friend conceive.

I think that girl is Hayden Panettiere. And is that a bag of fertilizer there doing it on? that has got to be filthiest room to have sex in.

@15, naked ground roll? Hey, I just do that at work. Gimme those singles!

My sweet moves include the naked "head" spin (aka the helicopter) and "look ma, no hadouken" (aka the pelvic thruster).

If it'd been me, I'd have queued up Phil Collins and jammed on those bum bongos. And any other bongos I could find. My drumstick'd be flying.


pure WIN! LOL... fucking awesome... I wish it was my boyfriend who did this: I would blow him till the cows come home

Now all he needs to do is run outside and kick the shit out of his car

@20 yup, nothin crazy about what this idiot has allowed the world to see him do
@27 you just do that at work? Don't you work on a farm or something? ...where did I read that once before


Arguably the greatest thing iv ever seen.

@32 feels like a hog farm, shoveling shit and making sausage. But no, I work on a chair at a big table programming computers and clouds. Yeah really, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Thinking of getting some chickens for the backyard tho. Lil peckers, just wanna cluck, ready to pluck. We get a lot of hawks in the daytime and coyotes at night tho.


@2 hey i got stumpy legs and im dang foine
@10 fail *waa waa wwaaaa*

I don't get why people are insulting the woman - oh wait, probably because they've never seen one naked in real life.

Anyway - the real question is - why the hell would he record this and then post it on the internet?

hahahahahahaha. A-MAZING.

I love the fact that she doesn't move at all, even when hes falling on his ass. I expected him to spooge on her then yell shoryuken

@35 really? chickens run around a lot & are hard to catch. Releasing a few dozen of them at the local mall guarentees entertainment too, especially on a weekend before a holiday

Damn that booty looks like a tranny ass!!!

She did have some thick thighs and a fat ass! I'd stick it in her butt!


Mmm....well I think he's incredibly sexy, even if he's a total nutjob.

this is a better sweet combo

GW! I absolutely love the pterodactyl and have performed it 2x thus far in my life. I wonder if we do it the same way...

This is freaking me out. Is it a real fucking woman, or some kind of freakish stubby sex doll?!?


Really shouldn't have watched this at work.

I watched this at work. and I always do my shoryukens in nothing but socks.

I would hit it from the other side of the room.

@40 but how do you sneak them in? My idea is to put one in a shopping bag covered loosely with tissue paper and leave it in the food court. Security cameras could be fooled that way.

fat-ass midget and a naked fagot ninja

GW is killing us

that "woman" is fake or it's staged

Somehow I expected something diferently! .... ¬¬

i thought you are not allowed to show nudity on this web-site.

F A I L !!

nothing I have read on this site for the past year has ever made me want to comment... until this... this is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s

@56 Nonsense, rule 34 to SF.
plus 34F cause of our hairy Ken.



@61 FTW!!!!
I was just left expecting the "Finish Her" screen LOL

Aghhh sorry, it was 62...damn kryboard

@[email protected]

................ all class...............

What an idiot.

This is old..the new way is Hakan's Oild Hold Combination ultra move..." here I come!!!! `

Next time, cast Magic Missile, maybe?

Really... I get the feeling this guy doesn't get laid too often.

I found another one of this guys videos, he was doing a naked "THIS IS SPARTA" kick. It's on motherless. HI-larious.

Stubby woman is stubby.

so proud I could contribute to Geekologie be a better blog

New sex move Bloody High Claw.

What the fuck i just watched???
An idiot trying to Shoryuken bare ass WTF!???
What times we live in....

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