May 21 2010Seeing Is Believing: How The West Was Won Old Star Wars Opening Crawls Were Filmed


Just like this (because this is a picture of one being filmed is the thing).

When I saw this setup, print in Esquire, I assumed they had built a physical crawl, dragged through the camera's field of view to create the effect. Looking closer, though, it's obvious that it was the camera that moved in this setup, slowly and carefully rolled back over the glossy, printed plate, which measured about six feet long.

It looks like a colored lightbox with the letters glowing through an opaque film. Awesome. You know, it's amazing what you can accomplish even without computers. Kidding, computers are life.

So That's How They Filmed the Star Wars Opening Crawl... [gizmodo]
Rare Empire Photos from Maxim Magazine [starwars] (with a bunch of never before seen candid shots)

Thanks to ray, who, together with gun, makes one of my favorite weapons.

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haha raygun

Man...egfdsf sounds like one sexy beast.

Man...egfdsf sounds like one sexy beast.

Old. Fucking. News.

You bastard.

"computers are life"

I knew you were in league with those robots....

this is totally irrevelant to the post. stop.
google's got a pretty cute pacman google-logo. stop
that is all. stop

ha. what a stoner. yes, i DID miss the post earlier with the actual picture. my mistake.

and here I thought they froze shrinkwrap & floated it in front of a camera in space

anyone recognize the screen from the background? hoth maybe?


Anyone else notice this is totally fake? As in, it says "Episode V" right at the top, so it's obviously from the remaster, and not the original. DOES ANYONE HERE BESIDES MYSELF EVEN OWN THE ORIGINALS?!

@13 totally punked the whole story. Nice.

Now I feel cheap and lied to. Somebody hold me.


@14 come here mrs simpson, I feel cheap too....... I will hold you close

I have a few on VHS somewhare

i think it was a box of 3
i have only found one so far in cleaning the bacement

So why does it read "EPISODE V" if this was shot for the original filmes? As far as I can remember, by the time when only the first three movies existed, they were numbered one, two and three.

Are you guys kidding?

The original films were always Episodes IV, V and VI.

Only the very first screenings of STAR WARS lacked the Episode IV: A New Hope subtitle.

Kenlin Bros is right.

I love how no one pointed this out.


These films were the first to use computers integrated with the cameras, so technically those credits were computer graphics

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