May 7 2010Latest In Beer Technology: A See-Thru Box


There's nothing worse than buying a case of beer and getting it home (or to the backseat of a friend's waiting car) only to discover the beers inside are warm (or filled with concrete). That's why I always dig for a case in the back. But for those of you that don't have Einsteinian brains like yours truly, there's Coors Light's new box. But it's not just any ol' box -- it's a box with a window. A proverbial "room with a view". No? Just a box with a plastic window? USE YOUR IMAGINATIONS!

They created a 12-pack case with a tiny opaque window that turns transparent in cool temperatures. Never be momentarily fooled by a couple of silver bullets too-recently placed into a supermarket's refrigeration unit. Know if they're cold before you even open the door.

Finally, somebody putting technology to good use. Of course, this even wouldn't be a problem IF THE GROCERY STORE WOULD JUST LET ME TRY THE BEER BEFORE BUYING IT. Which, dammit, I'm gonna start doing anyways. WHO'S WITH ME?! Cool, let's hit the dairy section first for some whippits.

Coors Light Invents Cold Activation Window: Cancer Cured, World Peace Ensues [gizmodo]

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wait what.. you say you want me the kill the first commenter Mr. see threw coors box

will do..


That's pretty cool, but so is this stuff man:

Comment that says it all from Gizmodo:

"How about they drop the gimmicks and make a beer that doesn't taste like hick piss?"

so, you know they load the cooler form the back? that's likely the warmest beer of the to take from the middle ;)

But, yeah, yuck. It's fricking Coors light, no amount of hot chicks in their commercials, or gimmicky packaging will ever change the fact that it's like drinking cold piss. That's why they try to ensure you drink it cold, the colder the beer, the less you taste.

wow, now all they need to do is add holy music and a bright lighthing thru and my life will be complete!!!

Shouldn't last that long. DRINK IT

"How about they drop the gimmicks and make a beer that doesn't taste like hick piss?"

Would they market this in Alaska?

more like boors (bores- as in boring) light ;D

Coors is awful. The whole "cold-activated" thing is a lie. If beer is too cold, your taste buds don't work, which basically means all shit beer will taste, well, like nothing. Beer isn't supposed to be ice cold.

Coors is flippin awful.


awesome idea!!!

Not even that will get me to buy coors..its fucking rather stick to my gimmicky vortex neck miller light

Wowee, didn't know so many fellow beer drinkers were so negative. Since this article was about making it easier to see that my beer is cold right off the shelf, I am a fan!

#16 We are now Miller Coors ;-) Vortex Bottle or Cold Activated Bottles. Thanks for supporting

well In my country, they sell BEER Warm...due to a damn stupid law, and on friday and saturday all alcool sells are stoped at 4pm.

Those won't work here.

@19, serves you right for living in Canada.

And cold window box or not, its still Coors, even worse its still light beer and even more so, its American beer, so its not ever really beer. Grab a Victoria Bitter or a Carlton Draught instead. Thats beer.

It's not that people are being negative, its just they don't buy into the b.s. of these big companies. Do you really need to rely on this "technology"? As I have seen in previous posts, they need to stop with the gimmicks and spend the money on brewing good beer.

Fools! Expand your horizons! Try drinking a beer that you DIDN'T SEE ON TV!!!!

The terms "Coors Light" and "beer" are mutually exclusive. To be more correct, simply substitute "weasel piss" for every occurrence of "beer" in this story.

Silver bullets, he just call beer "Silver bullets"? Does anyone here do that? Or have you heard of it being done? Odd name for beer.

@ 18 It's obvious #16 was being sarcastic. Your beverages are awful. Most breweries rely on tasty, quality beer not a goofy gimmick to get customers. You fail.

Coors Light Window Pack idea was stolen from Team Advercan Inc. from an origional introduction, publication and copywrite portfolio on April 24th 2007. To this date we have repetively asked both miller-coors (TAP) for prior invent with no response!

HI there,

Hmm creative people like you always rock my friend… nice one


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