Geekologie Reader Makes Zombie Chainsaw

May 17, 2010


Geekologie Reader and tattoo artist Jak went and decorated a chainsaw with some extra zombie-killing flair. Because Jak doesn't just want to cut the heads off zombies, Jak wants to look f***ing good cutting the heads off zombies.

I'm a tattoo artist in Anchorage, Alaska. I did the Raptor Jesus tattoo you had on here a while back. Here's another creation I thought you'd like. I took a $70 chainsaw and painted it up so I'd look good fightin' zeds. Hope you like it!

Nice Jak, you're gonna be the best looking zombie killer out there. Well, besides me. Not to brag or anything but I DO wear a zombie slayer's kilt (+5 breezy crotch). Just sayin', you ever teabagged a zombie with no underwear on before? Not if you still have balls you haven't! (They can still bite is the thing)

Hit the jump for several more shots along with some links to high-res shots because I love you so much and want to have your babies (but not really. No babies in this ass, thank you).




High-res Shots 1, 2, 3, 4

Thanks Jak, now I'm gonna need a robot-smashing jackhammer.

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