May 8 2010Eye Candy: Amazing Bilbo Baggins Dollhouse


Maddie Chambers went and built herself a super impressive looking Bag End hobbit hole dollhouse. It's amazing. I posted a couple more pictures after the jump, but Maddie has between two and three billion on her website which you should go check out to see the whole thing. My penis? You'd need two more eyes to see the whole thing.

Hit it for a couple more shots and another link to Maddie's website.







My Hand Made Hobbit Hole - Bag End from Lord of the Rings

Thanks to Damon, who

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First! D'oh!!


Needs more Sackville-Bagginses.

should I be concern if i don't see a bathroom?

that's amazing!

this was posted like 5 mins ago, now im pretty sure you guys are just spaming f5 to be first, get a life

I would betray my nerdly heritage if I failed to point out that Bag End looked nothing like that. It had a main hall that burrowed into the hill w/ doors opening on either side.

That house looks like it was designed for Levittown.

That is adorable and amazing <3

next time on CSI Shire the miniature killer is at it again in a new realm

robot chicken NEEDS this

i wonder what the scale is


bam bam

Fucking amazing! The detail is incredible.

But damn, she 'lol's like a crazy bitch.

She's crazy and I'd hit her!

I admire the craftsmanship! Great work.

I have to point out the fact that the walls in Bag End were not straight up and down. The were rounded like the doors with the supporting beams in the same curves.

Amazing. The level of detail is incredible. Wonderful job!

This is so gay, it went all the back around to Monster Truck.

in the book its hall with rooms on the sides so FAIL nice looking but not being what its supposed to be


Hello, everybody I came today, what you say Yeah, what can be shared with

Hey, what's that giant pink fleshy thing poking through the front door? Aaaaeeeiiii!!!!

Need to say that this miniature is a replica from THE MOVIE and not from the book?.....
Well, that said, I think is amazing the detail level.... its being posted since a few months ago in forums.... nothing new for us tolkien fans... XD she's astually going to make the Prancing Pony as a next project.... geek, yes.... beautiful, yes....

wow.....just--wow. i LOVE lord of the rings as much as the next guy, but......wooowwwww :DDDDD

i usually hate this site with all the nerdy ass pointless shit that you usually cover, but anything with LOTR is so fucking sweet, look at the detail on these shits

I want o live in a cute little house like that. Would make it hard for people to find your house, and that's the plan!!!

a house under the dirt.
must be moist and dank in there.

Oh MY God! I want this so bad! Aaaaarrrrrhhhhhhhhgggggg!

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