Apr 6 2010Yow Yow: Star Wars Pin-Up/Propaganda Girls


There's nothing sexier than a drawing of a hot girl, amirite? Wrong. That was a test and you failed you little hentai-loving horndog, you. Your shame aside, this is a little gallery of Star Wars pin-up/Galactic Empire propaganda posters as imagined by illustrator Feng Zhu. Because nothing makes men want to join a fighting force like pictures of hot girls, amirite? Wrong again. Guys join fighting forces with the hopes of firing lasers at other people's faces. It's true, even it they don't want to admit it because they want to seem like the quiet, gentle type that deserves to be in your pants. SNAP -- consider yourself cock-blocked, son!

Hit the jump for seven more of the commie propaganda.








Star Wars Pin-Ups [theswedishbed]

Thanks to Andreas, who joined the Empire after the promise of cake. Works every time.

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I'd plow them all.

I'll see her new world then, maybe I'll sleep in her Tauntaun for warmth.

Where'd #6 find a baby rancor?

shinny boobies!

I wouldn't mind blowing up her deathstar.. If you know what I mean..

Fake & Gay

I'm only four but I think sexually oriented advertising has no place on the internet. It's offensive to good christians everywhere and therefore should be outlawed. Also fuck your own kunt, firstard.

Hot. That's all I have to say.

Not hot enough dun dun dunnn!

Put down the Wacom, pick up a pencil. These chics are totally expressionless and hair could use some work.

DUDE THIS IS OLD like a few years I have them in a book!!


This is just for clones to use for striking up a fap storm

Don't join...



But you totally should have set your name to admiral ackbar


Chi hair products are gaining worldwide popularity due to its quality and stylish look that marked a high ceramic revolution with the new Chi Flat Iron model,designer wholesale, one of the best sold hair straightener. This product is available in various colors, where pink is the color of choice among most of the women. The use of ceramic in products like Chi Flat Iron hair straightener, CHI hair dyer ensures protection and a said to offer effective hair styling.

Really. No one is going to say "IT'S A FAP" after number 14 there?

Except for hair color, they all look exactly the same. But I guess they are supposed to be clones.


I was wondering how the empire was able to recruit so many stormtroopers.......know I know. And if you didn't know, that's half the battle....

this shit is old news

The Empire were the capitalists. The rebels were the progressive liberal-thinking pinkos.

What the hell, no women of other species? BIAS.

I only gets my fap on to Trandoshans.

I joined for the cookies, I stayed for the tacos nehnehneh :)

Too bad there were no hot chicks in the trilogy. Except Hut's slave girls. SW was really short on female eye candy. Is that an indication that Lucas should've directed Brokeback Mountain? I think so.

Funny how the one that says 'It's Your Duty' has the chick squatting…

@witchyone8180: hey it was short of any eye candy, male or female. Unless you count all the muppets. Sooo, he's possibly into furries or Styrofoam?

its nicely executed however he needs to work on the facial features and expressions.

@8 I'm Christian and I don't give a damn

@22 3 words libreals are liars

Besides the fact that the empire's army is made up of male clones, Wait we can clone females too? I'll take 4, no 5 princess leia's and one of those six-titted bitches from jabba's place. Whatya mean he has a copyright?? damn.

Very nice work. Very clever.

I think these pictures are quite beautiful and visually engaging. As far as the facial expressions, women are usually depicted with all the animation of mannequins. They are supposed to look dead and empty. It helps with the illusion that they are mindless and emotionless things to be used and not human beings at all.


i NEVER get tired of SW pin-ups. I would totally put these up on my ceiling. better if one of these lovely ladies was a humanoid alien though. i would like to see a Twi'lek. a purple one. :3

"I'll see her new world then, maybe I'll sleep in her Tauntaun for warmth."

...all together now...

"And I thought they smelled bad...on the OUTSIDE!"

Uh, duh dude. It is common knowledge that only humans can join the Empire. Jeez, how did you get here AOL?

@23 What the hell, no women of other species? BIAS.

@15 IT'S A FAP (can't resist)

All those lightsaber dildos seem like an accident waiting to happen...

@30, 3 words, conservatives can't spell... just sayin...

Oh I would "serve" that

feng zhu's women look a lot like his robots, stiff and not human.


@33 Models usually are mindless so...it's not an illusion.

@40 u tell the public lies passed the stpuid health care bill so id shut up if i was u

and i dont give a damn if i spelled wrong


We can see that.

FSDY they were clones first but after the clone wars in episode 4 and up they did have anyone join

fap fap fap fap fap fap

I love how all the emphasis goes towards the uniforms. Love how it's scratchy but still clean.

the faces suck.

I wonder what program was used to make these.
I myself love to draw pin ups for an eye tease here and there. x)
Would love to be able to add that glow. It's eye catching.

wow, i didnt know religous people even had the internet. let alone went on geekologie. haha not saying its bad but if you dont like what people look at, then dont look at it and dont criticize them for it.

Give me a big gun and a few minutes alone with one of them and I'll join.

Great rendering and color work, but lifeless drawing overall.

I feel like he just copied a swimsuit model catalog and layered Star Wars on top. However, the props are really quite nicely done.

The last one, Fly For the Empire; is the best one of all of them.

@51 ... we can only hope

I wouldn't mind being slowly digested over thousands of years in that zarlac pit, amirite?


Man does every article always have this bland of hate on geekologie (geekology?)

It's you're a pervert this its a NO U WRONG that or cock blocked in this case after a really lame punchline (or lack of)

What is this, written by 14 year olds?

I'd put my torpedo in their exhaust ports.

Nice! If these lovely clones were after me, I'd let them take over my start system any day ;)

@22: Actually, the Republic was a pro capitalist, democratic society that was slowly taken over by a progressive thinking psychopath, aka Chancellor Palpatine, who thought that he knew what was best for everyone and turned the galaxy into a socialist regime, or as Lucas called it, the Empire. Socialist societies are not far off from dictatorships. I would have to compare the Rebel Alliance to the Tea Party movement. Biden does kinda look like Palpatine....

Splooge Bombs

superb artwork!
such a shame that the typography is so poor though...

If the Empire had all clones like this, it would be unstoppable.


You are very right.

So close and yet oh so very wrong, if the Empire were communist then big corporations like Seinar Systems and KuatDriveYards would have been absorbed and made into government agencies, those of us who passed freshman Social Studies realize that the Empire is a Fascist Regime which while it is very similar in most aspects to a communist government is the polar opposite in ideology. So in summary you're an idiotic fear mongering anti-Communist ass-hole who is undoubtedly poorly endowed and uneducated but instead of trying to better yourself you try to destroy that which your betters work so hard to make. Or in other words: GO FUCK YOURSELF DUMB-ASS!!!

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