You Washed My Unmentionables While You Were Frozen! Han Solo In Carbonite Soap

April 11, 2010


Every wanted to rub a frozen Han Solo between your breasts/buttcheeks while you were showering and get clean at the same time? I'm with you -- I don't even care about the cleanliness aspect . And for $6.50 you can do whatever you want to with him!

Each soap is hand detailed for greater clarity with matte and metallic pigments. These are made one at a time, with A LOT of love.


100% Fragrance-free and ultra gentle on skin. Made with pure olive oil, shea butter and aloe vera.

Count me in! I just ordered a bar and I plan on convincing a friend it's chocolate. Oh man, can you imagine the look on his face when he bites in and finds out it's actually soap?! The look of losing a friend.

One more shot and a link to the product page after the jump.


Product Site

Thanks to Turbo the Mechanical Ape, who accidentally lost a bar of Han in his ass. Accidentally, riiiiiight. Don't worry, your secret's safe with all of us. No, not it's not either.

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